Dems Used Deep State Lies to Frame Trump as “Putin’s Puppet” — All the While Ignoring the True Puppetmaster, Because They Too Have Betrayed Us for Israel

Originally publische May 13, 2018

Trump’s speech tossing aside the carefully, laboriously negotiated JCPOA deal insuring that Iran would not develop nuclear weapons — the crown jewel of Obama’s otherwise grossly disappointing foreign policy, a bulwark against a future catastrophic war with Iran — could easily have been drafted by Netanyahu’s speechwriter, and possibly was. It effectively was a greatest hits collection of Bibi’s favorite lies, as Ted Snider has helpfully outlined:

Ted Snider — Trump’s Ten Lies: A Response to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Speech

Trump’s action, which effectively constitutes a declaration of economic war on our own European allies, seems likely to precipitate the collapse of the JCPOA framework, despite the earnest desire of Iran and the other parties to the deal to continue it, because European companies with substantial business ties to the US will be at risk for severe sanctions if they dare to trade with Iran. Will Iran put up with the rigorous inspections regimen mandated by the JCPOA if they lose their trade deals with Europe and hence are gaining minimal financial benefit from it? Iranian hardliners will undoubtedly resoundingly answer “No!” We can hope that cooler heads in Iran will realize that the JCPOA still constitutes “anti-war insurance”, and will decide to abide by it until a saner American President — hopefully Bernie Sanders — can be elected, and sanctions can again be lifted. If not, then Trump’s neocon crew will be constantly attempting to concoct an excuse for bombing Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, which they will represent as an existential threat to civilization itself. And if they do find such an excuse, who knows where things will then lead?

But this situation has at least had the merit of clarifying to the rest of the world that the TRUE Axis of Evil consists of the U.S., Israel, and the Arabian Oil States. To satisfy the desires of his mega-buck pro-Israel donors such as Sheldon Adelson — while also scoring points against his hated predecessor Obama — Trump has now made the US a pariah to virtually the whole world. Without a substantial course correction in the next few years, we can anticipate that U.S’s role in world trade will progressively diminish as we are shunned by countries that can no longer tolerate our bullying. If that isn’t TREASON, what is?

But it’s not as if all this couldn’t have been predicted, because throughout his campaign and his presidency to date, Trump has acted as Netanyahu’s faithful puppet. The McResistance Dems, who have been relentlessly pushing the ridiculous, evidence-free Russiagate narrative to brand Trump as “Putin’s puppet” and expedite his impeachment, have been ignoring the true elephant in the room. And that’s largely because they too are in thrall to this elephant.

In an essay written 3 months before his untimely death early this year, the magisterial truth-teller Robert Parry explained this situation better than I could ever hope to:

Robert Parry — How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings

Parry first skewers a speech focusing on Iran which Trump delivered in October of last year, labeling it

“so ludicrous it almost defies serious analysis….essentially repeating all the Israeli propaganda lines against Iran and burning whatever bridges remained toward a meaningful diplomatic approach.”

To explain Trump’s evident fealty to Netanyahu, Parry notes

One source said the Kushner family real-estate company has exposure to substantial Israeli financing that could be yanked, although Jared Kushner’s financial disclosure form only lists a $5 million unsecured line of credit, held jointly with his father, from the Israel Discount Bank.

Trump also has major pro-Netanyahu donors to his political war chest and his legal defense fund who are strong advocates for war with Iran, including casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who has plowed $35 million into the pro-Trump Super PAC Future 45 and has publicly called for dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran as a negotiating tactic. So, Netanyahu had a number of potential strings to pull.

Then Parry comments balefully on our MSM:

Yet, as dishonest as Trump’s Iran speech was, the U.S. mainstream media won’t criticize it as harshly as it deserves because virtually all the important journalists and talking heads have swallowed Israel’s anti-Iran propaganda whole. They have frequently repeated the canard about Iran as “the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism” when that title clearly should go to the Saudis and the Qataris if not others.

The West’s major news outlets also have ingested all the sophisticated propaganda against the Assad government in Syria, particularly the claims about chemical weapons attacks while ignoring evidence that Al Qaeda’s operatives and their “civil defense” collaborators have staged attacks with the goal of provoking a direct U.S. military intervention.

And the US’s political class comes in for comparable criticism. Throwing cold water on the Hillary’s claim that Trump is “Putin’s puppet”, Parry notes that

Trump is moving in opposite directions, lining up with Netanyahu and the neocons, whom some European allies refer to as “America’s Israeli agents.” Although dressing up his capitulation to Netanyahu in tough-guy phrasing, Trump is doing what most U.S. politicians do — they grovel before Bibi Netanyahu.

And, if you have any doubts about that reality, you can watch how often both Republicans and Democrats jump to their feet when Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress, an honor that he has received three times, tying him with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Those moments of American humiliation — as almost all 535 members of Congress act like puppets on invisible strings — represent the actual subservience of the U.S. government to a foreign power. And that power is not Russia.”

President Trump is just the latest American politician to have his strings yanked by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

One ray of hope is the US Senator who refused to attend Netanyahu’s 2015 speech to Congress in which Bibi did his best to scuttle the impending JCPOA deal.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: I Will Boycott Netanyahu Speech

If Bernie manages to take the Democratic nomination in 2020, and then smash Trump in the general election, he will have a golden chance to restore the U.S.’s honor among the nations of the world. But you can rest assured that he will be next in line to be smeared by our Deep State and their MSM toadies as “Putin’s puppet”.

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