Cortland MeetUp Sat. April 7

Cross our fingers the third time's the charm. After two snow-outs we're hoping the weather gods shower us with anything except snow and ice on Apr. 7th! Rain check April 14.
Same place and time, Doug's Fish Fry, 5-7pm.
So, if you're in the area stop by and say hello to Steven D and riverlover!
Doug's has a fabulous fish fry and sea food! And cold beer, natch.
Hope to see you there!

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Left my house this AM in a near whiteout for a class on the new food safety regs for produce farmers, and came back 12 hours later in blazing sunshine with snow almost totally gone, though it's 29 degrees. But I know summer will be here on April 7 coz I have exactly 3 more weeks' worth of firewood left. Time to see if the lawn mower still runs. Oh, and all the birds are back! I love NY! Well, not Chuck.

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We've had the same crap
weather up here the last
week or so, but I'm hoping by the 7th we'll get more "normal" weather.
Don't know if you've been to Doug's, but if you like fish and fries it's a good spot to eat!
Doug's Fish Fry

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