Bill Maher, weathervane

Bill Maher roasts COVID experts over pandemic response: 'We did a lot of stupid things'

WASHINGTON (TND) — Comedian Bill Maher shared a scathing monologue on his show “Real Time” last week, roasting COVID-19 experts over alleged overreactions to the dangers of the disease.

“When COVID hit we did a lot of stupid things,” Maher said. “Because America never reacts, it only overreacts.”

The rant saw the comedian share support for the lab leak theory and question the effectiveness of masks. Maher began by blasting individuals who wore masks outside during the pandemic. This strategy, he argued, was highly ineffective and misguided.

Bill Maher's comedy act is to present himself as on the edge. During the last national hysteria before Covid, he got kicked off of network television for saying that assholes who fly airplanes into buildings to make a point were not cowards. Since having his Big Time career restored on HBO, he has put on a weekly show that could fairly be called The Shitlib Journal.

Evidently he has decided that this worm is turning. I'm hoping he's right and it becomes fashionable to criticize the authority generated hysteria of this decade.

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