Biden and Obomba Recruit Neocon Warmonger Susan Rice

‘Biden picks former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice for WH domestic policy council’,,
10 Dec, 2020

“Projected US president-elect Joe Biden has named Susan Rice, another Obama administration veteran, as head of the White House Domestic Policy Council – a position that does not require Senate confirmation. [hint, hint; clue, clue]

“Rice, who was previously reported to be under consideration for both vice president and secretary of state, was named to the position on Thursday.” […]

“Rice, who recently described last month’s election as “our democracy’s near-death experience,” is one of dozens of former Obama staffers whom Biden has summoned from think tank positions to serve in his administration.

She is expected to be actively involved in the Biden administration’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare, immigration, and racial issues, all of which the Democrat has declared key domestic priorities.” […]

“Biden also announced Denis McDonough – Obama’s former chief of staff – as head of Veterans Affairs, continuing his nearly unbroken streak of mining the former president’s personnel files.”

Heh; some coverage notes that Rice had to step down from the Netflix board to accept the job.  Let’s take a look at some of her Illustrious History from a Nov. 14 diary I’d cobbled together.

‘Biden: A War Cabinet?’  by Mariamne Everett, November 06, 2020

Some quotes from Rice, courtesy of Everett:

“I think he [then Secretary of State Colin Powell] has proved that Iraq has these weapons and is hiding them, and I don’t think many informed people doubted that.” (NPR, Feb. 6, 2003)

“It’s clear that Iraq poses a major threat. It’s clear that its weapons of mass destruction need to be dealt with forcefully, and that’s the path we’re on. I think the question becomes whether we can keep the diplomatic balls in the air and not drop any, even as we move forward, as we must, on the military side.” (NPR, Dec. 20, 2002)

“I think the United States government has been clear since the first Bush administration about the threat that Iraq and Saddam Hussein poses. The United States policy has been regime change for many, many years, going well back into the Clinton administration. So it’s a question of timing and tactics. … We do not necessarily need a further Council resolution before we can enforce this and previous resolutions.” (NPR, Nov. 11, 2002; requests for audio of Rice’s statements on NPR were declined by the publicly funded network.)

Susan Rice, Scourge of Africa, May Become Secretary of State’, Anne Garrison, BAR, Nov. 11, 2020 (CC; some excerpts)

“Rice has been intimately involved in covering up the deaths of more than six million Congolese, and has cultivated close relations with every US-backed tyrant on the continent.”
“So Susan Rice had a lot to celebrate when she arrived on the ground in Libya. But instead she bragged that the US had stopped genocide. That’s the kind of ruthless, bloodthirsty, lying, hypocrite she is.

Then she flew on to Rwanda to meet with President Paul Kagame and crow that the US “got it right this time.” By that she meant that the Clinton Administration, in which she served first on the National Security Council and then as Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, had failed to intervene to stop genocide in Rwanda, but that it had learned its lesson and stopped it in Libya.

But in fact President Bill Clinton didn’t stand by during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Through his UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright, he made sure that UN troops were withdrawn from Rwanda till the bloodbath was over and Paul Kagame, one of the USA’s yes men in Africa, seized power.

Allan Stam, University of Virginia Professor of Public Policy and Politics , spent ten years researching the Rwandan Genocide with University of Michigan Political Science Professor Christian Davenport . In Stam’s presentation “Understanding the Rwandan Genocide ,” he said that the Pentagon had imagined that the cost of installing Kagame might be 250,000 Rwandan lives, but instead it cost something closer to a million. Susan Rice is infamous for saying at the time, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November (congressional) election? ”
“The US and its allies fears a strong, unified Congo

Susan Rice, along with John Prendergast and Samantha Power, applauded the January 2009 peace agreement that “integrated” the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) into the Congolese army in the Kivu Provinces that Kagame has so long wanted to claim with US support. The CNDP was a previous incarnation of M23, a Rwandan militia whose goal is to loot resources and drive Congolese people into refugee and IDP camps, making way for Rwandans. Ultimately, these Rwandans might be expected to leave Congo and become part of Rwanda, or at the least, to become some sort of “free trade zone” that would make it easier to get Congolese resources out through Rwanda and Uganda.”

You might also enjoy: ‘Biden tells CNN his son Hunter’s business dealings will be kept away from presidency & government after network’s cover-up exposed’, 4 Dec, 2020,

Other Qs: What would The Onion add?  For what post will Biden and Obomba recruit Hellary ‘We came…he saw..he died (cackle, cackle)’ Clinton?

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possible in every position, just like tRump, and 'The Big Zero' before him.
Every election the lesser of two evils gets worse, and being such an effective tool means it can't possibly get better (for the general population, here and abroad) as long as we are under a duopoly system.

It is a downward spiral as control of every sector of society falls into fewer and fewer bad hands on foods, shelter, the environment, water, air, public unrest,international relations and wars, basically everything we touch, everything that touches us and more.

This planet should be renamed 'The Earth Ship Titanic' where unbeliveble fortunes are being made by those busy mining the hull while those crying out 'iceberg' are silenced.

What makes it worse is many of those people had a map showing an iceberg, like John Kerry
who gave a much applauded great detailed speech once in Seattle talking about the global warming crisis.

Then he got a job.
"David Sirota: 9 months ago, the big news about John Kerry was that he worried about having to leave his gig at Bank of America, one of the biggest fossil fuel financiers in the world. Today, Kerry was named climate czar & this wasn't mentioned anywhere in the media because nothing matters.

This is from just last year, while John Kerry worked there..

"In the Obama administration, Kerry also supported the spread of American fossil fuel drilling technologies. He backed a project known as the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative, run by then-vice president Biden, which aimed to help Caribbean nations expand their drilling capacities. And in the State Department, Kerry oversaw the Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Program, a project designed to export American fracking techniques to other countries, including Canada, Argentina, and China.

“We’re still dealing with the cleanup from that in places like Vaca Muerta in Argentina,” said Muffett, referring to a region that became home to one of the largest shale extraction projects in the world thanks to the introduction of American-style fracking. “We can’t afford to see the continuation of this idea that we can keep expanding dead-end fossil fuels.”

Since then, the science of the climate crisis has become even more urgent. But while Kerry has clearly demonstrated that he’s no climate denier, he has not shown that he’s ready to fight for an end to fossil fuels. With his climate coalition, World War Zero, he’s eschewed taking positions on specific and varying proposals from the Green New Deal and carbon taxes, instead focusing instead on the need to start “having conversations.” And just last year, Kerry encouraged Vietnam to lean into natural gas rather than transitioning away from fossil fuels onto renewable energy. The time for conversations is over and the time to build the clean energy future is now."

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loads of food for thought, here, amigo.

first, i agree that all post-modern presidents have opened to door to the next, and i'd have to start with clinton as far as War Crimes and Empire. immigration? obomba deported more immigrants seeking asylum that trump did, and kept kids in cages as well, and had redefined 'we do not torture' as whistle-stops at many dark sites' john rizzo applauded his craftiness, and so on.

i hadn't been prepared to take a crash course from the past on john kerry, but i get your drift, even scanning. : )

your gizmodo link seems to kinda/sorta echo alan macLeod's ‘John Kerry’s Think Tank Calls for War With Russia Over Climate Change

“America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is.” — John Kerry”, by Alan Macleod, that magiama had offered yesterday.

but as to this portion, i think what i've bolded is just plain wrong:

But while Kerry has clearly demonstrated that he’s no climate denier, he has not shown that he’s ready to fight for an end to fossil fuels. With his climate coalition, World War Zero, he’s eschewed taking positions on specific and varying proposals from the Green New Deal and carbon taxes, instead focusing instead on the need to start “having conversations.

carbon taxes, offsets, and 'net zero carbon' are the green-washing we've seen at the WEF in davos. consider s wel the Green Buzzword Renewable. hell yeah, but ask: is that energy source Sustainable?

have any Green New Deals offered ever noted that the largest single carbon footprint on the planet is the US military? if the US has the largest carbon footprint after china, US war, inc. is NOT included.

see this bullshit from the new militaristic climate czar himself, later i'll bring some bits from macLeod's expose, okay?

thanks, aliasalias.

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from alan macLeod above, a few excerpts:

"Kerry is a founding member of the Washington think tank, the American Security Project (ASP), whose board is a who’s who of retired generals, admirals and senators. The ASP also hailed the appointment of their man, explaining, in a little-read report, exactly what treating the climate as a national security threat entails. And it is nothing like what Sanders advocates.

For the ASP, climate change constitutes an “accelerant of instability” and a “threat multiplier” that will “affect the operating environment,” and notes that Kerry will have three priorities in his role as President Biden’s right-hand man. What were those three priorities? Making sure people in the Global South could eat and have access to safe drinking water? Reparations? Disaster relief or response teams? Cutting back on fossil fuel use? Indeed not. For the ASP, the primary objectives were:

1. A huge rebuilding of the United States’ military bases,
2. Countering China in the Pacific,
3. Preparing for a war with Russia in the newly-melted Arctic.

The ASP notes that rising sea levels will neutralize or destroy dozens of American naval bases around the world, including the world’s largest such base in Norfolk, VA. The ASP recommends “prioritizing the measures that can protect readiness” of the military to strike at any time, also warning that rising sea levels will hurt the combat readiness of the Marine Expeditionary Force. Thus, a rebuilding of the U.S.’ worldwide network of military bases is in order." [...]

"What will the designation of the climate crisis as a “national security threat” entail domestically? Last year, the ASP wrote that “Given that climate change will force more families to migrate, funding for border security should include improving facilities for holding and transporting migrants.” In other words, an expansion of the militarized border and network of detention centers, often condemned as “concentration camps.” [...]

"The Pentagon is the largest single polluter in the world, and the U.S. has historically insisted on exempting the military from any climate treaties. Just one B-52 bomber consumes as much fuel in an hour as an average car driver uses in seven years. As the Institute for Policy Studies wrote, “militarism and climate justice are fundamentally at odds” while “climate change and border militarization are inextricably linked.”

sobering stuff.

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If it does, you’ve been living under a rock. Pleasantry

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"The “jumpers” reminded us that one day we will all face only one choice and that is how we will die, not how we will live." Chris Hedges on 9/11

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@Raggedy Ann

there are now excellent (some niche) alternative media journalists who actually DO look under the rocks, not that the ever-shrinking numbers of mainstreams media pay attention.

i laughed when i'd read Rice's New Job does not require confirmation by the Senate , and sure imagined the conversations that led to this 'Job' rather than others she really may be a party to. i left out some bits concerning her dedication to Bibi and Zionist Israel for formatting ease.

thanks, RA, for reading and commenting.

p.s. i'd meant to ask you a Q on magiama's recent Hat Air below richard wolff's video (videos are not my allies), but when i'd seen this horrific, but not unexpected news...the air went out of my balloon, and i began prepping for this diary. for me, Empire is almost everything.

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