BDS and Israel Policy

Despite whatever rhetoric the Biden Administration has given to the media, nothing has changed the flood of weapons flowing into Israel from U.S. stockpiles. Despite this, Trump has claimed that Biden has "betrayed" Israel and that any Jew who votes for Democrats "hate Israel".
So has there been any positive changes in American policy towards Israel since they began their ethnic cleansing of Gaza? Let's look at anti-BDS laws.


In December the U.S. House passed a bill that would expand anit-BDS laws to a national level, despite federal courts saying three times that the anti-BDS laws violated free speech rights.
A month ago Colorado considered repealing its anti-BDS law, but then shot down the attempt by a 10-1 vote. No other state has even considered repealing their anti-BDS laws.
When the house condemned Illhan Omar for criticizing Israel, they made sure to insert anti-BDS language.

Anti-BDS laws are directly supported by the most neoliberal elements and are being used to suppress mutiple progressive causes.

Founded in 1973, Alec’s motto is ‘Limited government, free markets and federalism.’ A few years ago, the lobby was delighted to discover the potential benefits to be gained from those ‘anti-BDS laws’ to expedite its own objectives: weakening the role of the federal government, deregulating as much as possible the financial markets, and increasing the powers of the States to the detriment of Washington. The men in charge of this lobby and the corporations which finance it quickly realised how useful it would be to ‘metastasise’ these laws into other areas. In their draft model law, often identical from one state to another, it is enough to replace the words ‘State of Israel’ by ‘arms sales’ for instance, and Bob’s your uncle! Alec, which boasts of having pushed through the legislatures of all 50 States, 200 pieces of legislation and executive orders in the past year alone, offering them ‘a draft model patterned after the anti-BDS type’ aimed at preventing the boycott … of various products or types of activity which have nothing to do with Israel or Palestine. Thus, in 2021, Texas was the first state to add to its legal arsenal a law punishing anyone calling for the boycott of arms dealers. More recently, lobbyist Jason Isaac has tabled in the State House of Representatives a motion intended to extend that ban to any boycott aimed at the fossil-fuel industry. To defend their text its authors have publicly declared it to be ‘based on the anti-BDS legislation supported by Alec with regard to Israel.’ Soon afterwards, Texas also passed a law forbidding companies that had contracts with the State of Texas from boycotting firearms. Since then other states have followed suit. Similar draft laws have been tabled in 13 other legislatures. And at least 10 other States are discussing draft laws based on the same principles as the ‘anti-BD laws’ to deny freedom of speech to people who advocate boycotting health centres which refuse ro accept women for abortions.

We've got a long ways to go.

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