Attack of the vaccines

I understand that this site has closely followed the "pandemic" and the ongoing vaccine issues. Also that you have closely followed which includes Kory and Marik. I have spent an estimated 3 hours per day on this topic for the last 3 years. Another site that was very important for me is by A Midwestern Doctor: The forgotten side of medicine. He has talked about vaccines and several treatments that are known but practitioners keep their heads down to avoid attacks from the status quo.

I had never heard of the following book:

"Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines And the Forgotten History" first published in 2013

Deep dive into history of vaccines which were introduced AFTER the disease was almost down to zero and most caused side effects. Suzanne Humphries first saw the problem of flu vaccines causing severe kidney problems, sometimes fatal. The second edition will be published this year.

Here is an interview with Paul Thomas. You might have heard of him. He published a solid report of 10 years results in his pediatric comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children. His license was pulled by the liberal state of Washington medical board. He is the kind of caring physician who has been run out of practice by standing up.

He interviews Susanne Humphries and she discusses how she started seeing vaccine problems, wrote a long well researched, footnoted summary of the literature, and was ostracized and left the hospital practice.

I heard about her from Joseph Mercola in February. He has put all of his material outside a paywall. You might have to register for free on his site to get his article and an interview with Humphrey.

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A new kind of war. Attack electrical grid. Also, attack fuel storage.

In Ukraine, trains are electric. Fuel is needed for equipment. No defense against Russian missiles.

Karkov and Odessa are in the dark.

I didn't realize the real problems with high voltage power. Power surges can fry electronics. Power surges can effect power in other countries like Poland.

You might have seen John Helmer before. Posted this morning.

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...since last Fall. The massive Russian military could squash the Ukraine army like a bug. But they have no intention of doing so. Russia does not consider itself at war with Ukraine, whom they consider to be more or less Russians-gone-astray. The SMO (Russian Special Military Operation) entered Ukraine to clear out the restored NAZIs who had joined Ukraine's military. The NAZI troops were tasked with exterminating the ethnic Russians living in the western borderlands between Russia and Ukraine. But it soon became clear to the Russians that they were fighting NATO and the US in a proxy war.


Ukraine only recently became an independent nation in 1997, after the collapse of the Russian economy. Ukraine was originally established in the small yellow area on the map above. However, during the 20th century and after WWII, Russian Czars and Soviet Leaders began attaching large blocks of Russian territory to Ukraine, padding it as a bufferzone between Europe and the USSR. In Russian, the word 'Ukraine' means 'borderlands.'

After Russia's collapse in 1990, the Russian occupied borderlands became part of the country of Ukraine when new borders were drawn in 1997. Problems began in Ukraine in the years that followed. (Remember, Ukraine was a NAZI stronghold in WWII. The NAZIs, NATO, and the Neocons hated Russia with a deranged passion.) In Ukraine's first three Presidential elections, candidates who were favorable to Russians easily won. That's because most of eastern Ukraine is occupied by Russians, who had settled on these lands centuries ago. The red areas on the Ukraine map, below, are Russian-speaking area's that vote for Russia-friendly candidates. They include former Russian territories that were artificially attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders.


After the US-managed overthrow of Ukraine's government in 2015, which was headed by a Russia-friendly President, the interim government sent Ukraine's NAZI military troops, who had been trained in neighboring Poland, to attack the cities and towns in the far west borderlands. The civilians living there had held a referendum in 2015 applying to remain in Ukraine as an autonomous republic. An emergency cease-fire agreement, the Minsk II accord, was negotiated and signed by Ukraine and Russia. However, Ukraine broke the agreement almost immediately and continued its military attacks on the ethnic Russian population that lived in the far Western region. The civilians fought back, but by 2022, 14,000 of the Russian residents had been killed. The US and NATO ignored Russia's demands for a ceasefire, and Ukraine applied to become a NATO member— bringing a hostile Europe to Russia's doorstep once more.

The past six months of the Russia's Special Military Operation has become a war of attrition. Russia is defending a line of separation between Ukraine and the Russian occupied parts of Ukraine. The map below shows what that looks like. The Ukraine army has been decimated because the US and NATO are forcing them to attack the line of defense.


It's not much of a war. It's more of a border skirmish. It's hardly an invasion of Europe to "expand the Soviet Union." Reading the Western media has kept Americans completely in the dark. But not so, the rest of the world.

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The political system is what it is because the People are who they are. — Plato

@Pluto's Republic the electricity war was new to me and the blackouts early in the war could be repaired in a few months.

attacking generation facilities and special high power distribution systems could take years to repair

there can be NO effective military action without electricity

add to that taking out fuel and even the dense leaders could figure it out

it is hard to imagine what military people know, or don't know, and what they tell the politicians

the gap between what is happening and the propaganda is wider than during the Viet Nam war when I was a young protester.

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@DonMidwest the terrorist concert attack last week outside of Moscow. The Russian people believe that Putin has been too gentle and indulgent toward Ukraine. Still, the Russians don't want to fight a conscripted Ukrainian army of teens and grandfathers. So, Putin put the lights out in Ukraine, while Russia waits for the US and NATO to figure out how to save face while getting out of Ukraine.

The US media has created a fantasy world for Americans, who believe Ukrainians are fighting a "good" war that they can win. This disgraceful situation in the US is being discussed world wide.

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The political system is what it is because the People are who they are. — Plato

time permitting.
Must get to work. I am jealous that you have time to research this topic, and all others, particularly the war in Ukraine. The aid package comes up for a vote in a few days.
I figure Boeing and Raytheon lobbyists are hogging the hallways in the House.

edit: Humphries

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

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I can’t recommend the Humphries article enough. I read it when it was posted and was waiting for an essay to post it.
I’ve been reading Dr. Makis who has been keeping up on vaccine injuries and deaths. Some are absolutely horrifying and it’s sad what people have gone through.

His archive website Sadly his substack is paywalled and you can’t see everything he posts on it, but it’s still worth reading. If he can find the vast amount information then so can the FDA and CDC. In fact they see much more, but they are still lying to us about safe and effective and the vax injuries are rare.

New article on the pre print study.

Vaccinated People Show Long COVID-Like Symptoms With Detectable Spike Proteins: Preprint Study

The findings indicate that the persistence of spike proteins was likely the driver for symptoms of long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome.

Spike protein could remain in immune cells for more than 245 days following vaccination, according to a recent preprint. The study evaluated 50 patients who developed long COVID-like symptoms after the COVID-19 vaccine; none had been infected with the virus.

So much for it staying in the arm and the body easily and quickly gets rid of it. Almost everything we wear told about the jabs has proven to be false. Effective went out the window early and safe has always been a lie. You can’t determine safety in less than a year. But you can see what the safety is if it’s given to billions of people. Obama said it’s the biggest experiment ever…oops he probably wasn’t supposed to admit that.

Cancel cases are exploding enough that big pharma is buying up cancer treatment companies because they say that giving people more mRNA will cure people of the mRNA damage….
Covid was the excuse to get the mRNA platform on the market and now that it is what are the chances that long term studies will be done? My guess is slim to none.

ETA: the safe vaccines from J and J and AstraZeneca were both taken off the market because they caused blood clots and all the nasty things they did. Oops again. Maybe if they hadn’t been rushed that would have come out in the studies.

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Which AIPAC/MIC/pharma/bank bought politician are you going to vote for? Don’t be surprised when nothing changes.