Ashley Ford: She spent a week in jail. Lost her job and her kids. Then, all charges were dropped

Something has got to be done about out-of-control law ‘enforcement’ officials. Personally I think that if anyone who holds legal power over others abuses that power, they need to pay in kind and double.

Ashley Ford: She spent a week in jail. Lost her job and her kids. Then, all charges were dropped

A warrant had been issued for her arrest out of Brown County. The deputies had run her license plate during a normal patrol, and that plate was flagged.

“They showed me the computer, everything they had in front of them, it was my ID, my picture, my birthday, my Social Security number, but it was not my address," Foster said.

Her two young boys were in the car.

“My youngest is eight weeks old yesterday, they wouldn’t let me feed him, wouldn’t let me change his diaper. I listened to him scream," she said.


Daugherty said Hamilton County's policy says that in a typical situation the jail will only hold someone for three business days for another county. In Foster's case, the weekend caused her detention to be extended.


Corbin said that during the course of a drug trafficking investigation, "the real Ashley Foster and a co-defendent had taken off."

Then for some reason, an arrest warrant was "filed on the wrong person," Corbin said.

Corbin said as soon as his office was informed of the mistake, the charges against Foster were dropped.


He said Foster's children were placed in the custody of their fathers immediately following the arrest.

"This should have been a Clermont County case...but we responded as police asked," Gregg said. "From our assessment, there are no concerns and we are closing the case. She will pick up her children [from their fathers] at her convenience, if she hasn’t already."

Wrongly arrested mother reunited with sons before Easter


Reunited before the holiday

According to Fox19, Foster was reunited with her kids first thing Friday morning after a quick inspection from Clermont County Job & Family Services, who gave her home a 10-minute once-over and told her she was all clear for the kids to return

They had the absolute gall to make a 10-minute inspection of her house??? Screw that. When I was doing intake calls and referrals for the ACLU, I heard all about these inspections. They’re intrusive and invasive and everything seen is left up to the ‘inspector’s’ judgement as to condition and safety of the premises. If it’s not a pig pen, then they go thru kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator. If they can’t find justification to mess with you there, then they get REALLY intrusive. Generally they don’t quit until they find something. In this case they probably figured they’d best not push their luck.

The stories I could tell...

This is not a fair, kind, or compassionate country. I lost all my brothers and sister to adoptions and Boys Town and St James Orphanage when I was a kid. The state put (committed) my Mom in a to a TB sanatorium twice. Once for a year, the second time 6 months. It turns out she NEVER had tb, just a disease that mimicked the symptoms. Years later when my Mom could finally handle dealing with what happened she had the juvenile court records pulled and found out the county justified taking up away and splitting/ adopting us all out was that she ‘abandoned’ us. Yep, that whole file is one big lie after another. But by that time Mom was too beaten to try to fight the system. And the judge who rigged it all, Seward L. Hart was eventually thrown off the bench because he kept putting girls who had been raped by their fathers back in the home after they tried to get away. I knew some of them from my 6 months in the Douglas Country Youth Center because I had no where else to go.

This is a cruel country if you’are poor or a single mother. And if you’re both, then you’re fair game for all kinds of idiots, assholes, and monsters.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

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Once a few major supporting structures are broken it can be impossible to rebuild and fate morphs a specific family unit into some other reality.

It is frustrating we have made so little progress in this country to limit institutional destructive power. I think it is better hidden form large parts of the population and is growing in those shadows.

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Still yourself, deep water can absorb many disturbances with minimal reaction.
--When the opening appears release yourself.

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Her last name changes from Ford to Foster during the excerpted article for some reason.

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Good luck trying to live your life!

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Women are human beings, not prey.
(I forgot where I read it although it might have been in The Intercept)