And yet congress is on a two week vacation

This time there is no FDR waiting in the wings to bring us a new New Deal. In fact congress has been working hard on gutting most of the Volker Act that was put in place after the Great Recession we saw during Obama's tenure that was to stop the banks from doing what they did to cause it.

Saagar did this excellent review of Biden in March. Boy does he nail what the Biden presidency will look like.

In each case every day members of the working class paid the price for Biden and MyBoss policies.

And once again we saw congress bailing out their donors while 50 million people are unemployed and during an epidemic that is being handled in the worst way possible. Trump wants schools reopened because big business wants people back at work and they can't do that if they have nowhere to park their kids. Lots of businesses are not doing everything that they can to protect their employees and they are pressuring congress to pass immunity laws so if you get sick or die from COVID you can't sue them. This guts worker's compensation laws. Plus republicans and I am sure some democrats want to give them a pass on payroll taxes that will cut social security payments now and of course the already underfunded and corruptly managed worker's compensation.

We are still seeing massive protests for BLM even though the media is telling us it is over. When millions of people are thrown out of their houses and watch as their families starve I hope to see those people join with the BLM protesters and rise up like they did during the 1930's. After being met with overwhelming police force FDR finally realized that he had to throw us some bones so the revolts would die down. This time we can't accept a few bones. We need the full steak and roll back the new era of the Robber Baron days and the new Roaring 20's. We have all the power again. We just need to realize that we do and use it.

50 million out of 160 working people are out of a job and 25% have not paid rent since March and 30% OF housing payments have not been paid nationwide.

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION. Congress is refusing to do it. And too many people are thinking that this election is going to fix it.

Richard Wolfe describes what is coming.

The government and the banks and the corporations know what is being loaded into the pipeline and they look to be just fine with it.

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that — unlike the historical Reichstag following the 1934 fire — is still a co-equal branch of government, and furthermore holds the purse strings.

You can tell the “Trump is dangerous” talk is all hot air. How? Just picture it. Reichstag: OMG it’s Hitler! Someone really oughta do something. (adjourns without doing anything)

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afford to watch your videos, but here's what pam and russ martens had said about the Math:

Here is what Pam and Russ Martens had to say about the CARES package on April 2, 2020: ‘Here Are the Contracts Showing How $4.5 Trillion in Stimulus Was Outsourced to Wall Street’ (a teaser)

“It’s all bunk. Here’s what is actually happening. The stimulus bill (CARES Act) stipulates that the U.S. Treasury will provide $454 billion of the $2.2 trillion total to the Federal Reserve. That $454 billion will be the loss absorbing capital to leverage the Fed’s purchases of toxic debt from Wall Street to a maximum of 10 times or $4.54 trillion. So, already Main Street is behind. Main Street is getting $2.2 trillion minus $454 billion for Wall Street and $46 billion for airlines and “national security” businesses, likely meaning Boeing. That leaves $1.7 trillion versus the $4.54 trillion that will be offered to Wall Street, or $2.84 trillion more heading to bail out Wall Street.
But the Fed had already created another Wall Street bailout program last year that is not included in that $4.54 trillion.”

(after the teaser)

But the Fed had already created another Wall Street bailout program last year that is not included in that $4.54 trillion. The Fed’s repo loan program has already funneled more than $9 trillion to Wall Street in revolving loans since September 17, 2019. So that makes it $13.54 trillion for Wall Street versus possibly $1.7 trillion for Main Street, if it’s not siphoned off by loopholes in the new law. (Those repo loans, as of yesterday, were being made at the preposterous interest rate of 1/10th of one percent to Wall Street firms; firms that couldn’t even borrow at 10 percent in September.)

More stim payments for the rabble? the first check was a whopper, wasn't it?

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