5/12/21--Early Voting for NYC Mayor starts on 6/12/21---State of Play

What Will It Take to Win the 2021 NYC Democratic Primary Election for Mayor in the year 2021? That is the question and I have a few answers.

First answer is to increase turnout.
The election for the 2 US Senate seats in Georgia was determined by turnout. Democrats put all they had into winning these races. All hands were on deck. Stacy Abrams had huge support and tireless energy. Andrew Yang moved his family to Georgia for the last 6 weeks of the Primary and worked to register the Asian population which turned out for the Democrats in the primary and then on November 3. In the recent election in Scotland, there was the largest turnout EVER. Increase the trust that the election is for them and you will increase the amount of people who show up.
Expanding the field of voters is always a path to a win whether it is young voters or any voter who hasn't cared about voting. Get their attention and make it matter to them and you can expand the field.

Next answer is to understand what matters and what doesn't.
The Establishment, by which I mean Big Money business owners and their corporate spokespeople and Media, print cable, web are united against Andrew Yang. Maybe they are focusing on the wrong things?

The obvious first one is Endorsements. Collective endorsements have been close to meaningless in NYC for decades. The United Federation of Teachers, The Working Families party, The New york Times, Daily News, NY Post have very little effect. The first 2 entities mentioned haven't picked the winning choice for Mayor since 1989. The Times??? Picked Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren to win the (D) Primary. (Warren did not get a single electoral vote. Anyplace. Including her home state.)

AOC recently endorsed Brad Lander for NYC Comptroller. It meant very little as far as I can tell. Very disappointing because Brad is my choice for that position.

The third principle seems to be increasing your market share by expanding your field into territory your opponent has claimed. or hopes to claim.

For example--- The Bronx. There are 4 candidates for Bronx borough President running in the Bronx. One of them is a Black Woman named Vanessa Gibson and three Latinos. Vanessa Gibson endorsed Andrew Yang in a well attended outdoor event. This is a blow to Eric Adams.
The other three Bronx candidates are Latinos, I think from Puerto Rico. I do not know who they are backing, but Yang's campaign co-manger is Ritchie Torres, newly elected to the House of Representatives, formerly a NYC Council member. Kenny Burgos, a current Council member from the Bronx is also team Yang, appearing with Yang in many events.

In Brooklyn, Yang has gotten the endorsements of most of the major religious and secular Jewish groups. The final piece, a giant rabbinical council will drop into place this week. Adams is said to be apoplectic over this as he was counting on this bloc which always votes. as one. Carlos Menchaca from Brooklyn, considered to be the most Progressive of all City Council members also the first Mexican elected to the City Council, has jumped on the Yang train and has been accompanying Andrew to events all over the City.

In Queens, a Shocker! Grace Meng, a longtime DNC stalwart US Congresswoman from Queens was announced as Yang co-chairwomen yesterday. This endorsement from the right of the Queens Democrats together with Ron Kim, a NY State Senator, the Leftest of Queens Democrats, looks to wrap up the Queens vote at least as I can see it for now.

On the matter of Co-Campaign Chairmen/chairwomen. Here is the list of Yang's: Martin Luther King,Jr, Ritchie Torres, Grace Meng.

Will the people of New York trust Yang to run our City for the next four years? I do not know that. The turnout for this election will determine that. Just remember that low turnout can be considered low trust and high turnout indicates higher trust.

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With so many candidates I believe that ranked choice voting will play a part of the final outcome. That said I have no idea as to how it will turn out.

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@humphrey @humphrey But there is a lot we do not know.

In 2016 100,000 votes were purged from neighborhoods in Brooklyn thought to be Bernie territory.

In 2008 Barack Obama did not get a single vote in Harlem. Thanks to the Clinton, Charlie Rangel Machine.

I am not so hopeful that Yang will win. Any number of factors can weigh in and be determinative.

My focus is, as always, the struggle against the Empire.

That is what animates my columns on Scotland, Yang and Israel. And my arguing tends to be directed towards commentators from all sorts of venues who pretend to be with me in the Struggle but turn out in fact to be Unionists in disguise.

The anti-SNP voice in Scotland who has run the most popular blog in Scotland for the past 10 years, turned in his good-bye column today. It was furious as always and blaming Sturgeon because she will never bring Independence. I think he is wrong and hope he lives long enough to see what happens next. I'll be back to post his Swan Song.


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I have nothing against Yang, but I am not seeing how he helps take down the empire. I gather he did help the two senate candidates in Georgia, so that is something, but must be missing something. Now, if he could somehow find a winning kind of candidate to primary Chuckie Schemer...

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