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Obama's legacy: unbridled power

At one point, not long ago--yesterday in fact, I thought Obama's legacy had deteriorated to such a low degree after endorsing the Mad Bomber and pushing to destroy national sovereignty (TPP), that his legacy would be simply "he was the first black president". But deeper thinkers have better understood the evil perpetuated by Obama and his co-dependents (both major political parties).

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Quite the Mistake - Live Anthrax shipped by Army over 11 years to 194 labs in every state, 9 countries, 3 territories

This article is what I was treated to today on what to me is usually Recipe Wednesday, when I scour newspapers mostly for their Wednesday Food Sections. Today I found a most disconcerting Recipe For Disaster which has left me clammy and slack jawed for several hours. How is it possible for something like this to occur for over eleven years without detection by someone somewhere?

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Comey Says He's Not a Weasel EDIT & Will Not Comment about Perjury Referral

I've moved the whole earlier Magillah downward. This is important:

From The HIll

FBI silent on pending Clinton perjury probe

FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday refused to provide the House Judiciary Committee with any clue about whether the bureau will comply with a request to investigate Hillary Clinton for perjury.

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The United States Global War OF Terror

"No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. " -James Madison

"Of all the enemies of public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other." -James Madison

"The spirit of this country is totally adverse to a large military force." -Thomas Jefferson

"My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth." -George Washington

It's not just millennials. It's minorities too

Sanders beat Clinton with millennials in all but two states.
Then the DNC cheated Sanders out of the nomination. Millennials not only aren't coming around to Hillary, they are turning away in increasing numbers.

I think this article needs more discussion

HT to ~— ggersh for pointing it out in my previous diary

Some of the real points made in Kate Aronoff's article in the Guardian

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Another Day in the Land of the Free

and the home of the terrorized:

Two children and a teacher have been injured in a shooting at a primary school in Townville, South Carolina.

A teenage suspect is in custody, and police say that all children are now safe. The students have been relocated to a nearby church.

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The Evening Blues - 9-28-16


The day's news roundup + tonight's musical feature: Robert Wilkins

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Both Obamas Speak Out on the Folly of a 'Protest Vote'

Apparently the powers that be in the Democratic Party believe that on balance both of the principle alternative party candidates - namely Gary Johnson and Jill Stein - are picking up support from voters they believe would otherwise be inclined to vote for Hillary Clinton. So now they are rolling out the big guns.

The medical climate changes

The Wall Street Journal shares the news that gender affirmation surgery is becoming more available as more hospitals provide the procedure and more insurance comapanies provide coverage.

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Jimmy Dore "I'm voting for Jill Stein" (video)

Jimmy officially endorses Jill Stein. Jimmy lays out the Green's platform and the case for voting 3rd party. And Shhhh! Do not tell Cenk Uygur! That gasbag will go ballistic.

The Debate Theater

I couldn't watch the whole debate. It only took about 10 minutes before I was hurling curses at both candidates, so it was either turn the TV off or break it.
I think I made the right decision.

On one side you had the status quo candidate, smirking, arrogant, and completely oblivious and indifferent to the suffering of the working class.

Federal Judge in Ohio does the right thing

Judge Algenon Marbley is a US District Judge for the Southern District of Ohio who was appointed to the position by Bill Clinton in 1997.

On Monday Judge Marbley rejected the Highland Local Schools case challenging the DoE rule on treatment of transgender students, ordering a transgender girl to be treated "like the girl she is."

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The Evening Blues - 9-27-16


The day's news roundup + tonight's musical feature: Lester Davenport

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Watching a system fail and wondering about why people are so blind

There have been those who have at least the perception that if Trump wins the "American system of democracy" will be finished. The problem with that is that it is finished whether or not Trump wins.

The widespread blindness to this failure is part of why it is happening. Take this sham election, for example. Want to guess at the number of people who still see it as a demonstration of working democracy?

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Last night the real debate was in the city council chambers in Charlotte, NC

There has been a lot of commentary on the farce of a debate brought to the USA public by the corporate controllers. And a lot of people who either boycotted it, or plain refused to make themselves ill watching it. I tried to watch it after the real debate, which was watched by a bit less than 2000 people who followed the City Council meeting in Charlotte, NC.

Why I Just Turned "It" Off.

We made the effort over this side of the pond to stay up late and watch the debate, well you know who is President kind of matters since it determines where the bombs fall type of thing.

As the two got going Marie-Louise and I looked at each other and 15 minutes later decided bed was by far the better option. This is the first time that I have switched a Presidential debate off. Admittedly I have missed a few when travelling, but to switch one off in utter disgust, is a first.

THE Debate

Last night's debate was supposed to be the most watched televised event, second only to the really important U.S. televised spectacle, the Super Bowl (with or without wardrobe malfunction). I don't know if those numbers were achieved, but I did not watch the debate. I did, however, catch a chunk of a rerun of the debate.

The post debate online polls showed Hillary to be the winner. Of course, Hillary's fans mocked that kind of post-debate poll throughout the primary when Sanders won them, but are preening about them now. That is another example that they, like the Her with whom they are, have only one consistent principle: realization of Hillary's desire to be the first woman President. I can respect flexibility and compromise, but not total absence of consistent principles. But, I digress:

These are my "undeep," sometimes hyperbolic impressions of THE Debate last night:

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Debate: What have we learned?

The Donald sucks at this. Not the I was gonna vote for him. Nor HRC for that matter. But hoped for something better than this crap.

Her Heiness is cleaning up.

god save us all.


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The Evening Blues - 9-26-16


The day's news roundup + tonight's musical feature: Barbara Lynn

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Boycott the Debate

This will be short and sweet.

There is no reason to boost the TV ratings of NBC for an event that will add nothing to the political discourse in this country.

You wanna watch reality TV shows, there are much better ones available.

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The Democratic Party's Condemnation Notice

Every morning I peruse the headlines to see which wing of the fortress of Democracy has crumbled further. Lately one particular section, and a central section at that, has featured massive dry rot, bricks falling off the edifice, and doors dropping off their hinges. Due to eight years of deferred maintenance, the Halls of Justice are close to collapse. All of the walls are bearing walls, so the entire structure is now at risk.

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War Pigs and the Need to Stop Them

"We should have no illusions. Today’s United States of America is interested only in one thing - destroying Russia as a civilizational, geopolitical, military and political rival — as well as an economic rival, with its treasure trove of resources."
Leonid Reshetnikov, retired lieutenant general of Russia’s foreign intelligence service

Rache- Part 1

Do not count me among those who revel at opposition retreat, to regroup and rise again. You spare me at your peril.

Jeremy Corbyn's victory was crushing. There is simply nothing else to call it, 62 - 38 is a 24 point margin. In raw votes it was 119,980, almost as many as the 130,000 votes suppressed (in Britain they call it "gerrymandering" and are quite wrong to do so, it's an entirely different thing all together- "it's an entirely different thing"). 77% of the Party voted, you can hardly call it undemocratic unless, as the straw grasping Tory-lite Quisling Blairites do, you posit a "silent majority" of people who feel too intimidated to express publicly their 'I got mine' selfishness in the face of moral disapproval (and please, call it 'bullying' so you demean people who actually suffer persecution not privilege).

The reaction is not unexpected or unpredictable, legacy media is howling Dolchstoßlegende conspiracy theories about why they are no longer respected or trusted (duh), they and the PLP (nice blokes you'd share a pint with at the pub, not stinking radical entryist Trots) are consoling themselves with fantasies of redemption (unfortunately likely, we'll see, more later in any event)- in the words of The Mirror bowing the knee, or schism (good luck with that, Britain already has a "Center-Left" Neoliberal Party- the Liberal Democrats who by virtue of licking Tory boots now have a whopping 8 seats in Parliament, exactly the same as the Democratic Unionist Party, you know, Ian Paisley's Northern Irish sectarian thugs and terrorists).

Humiliated in fact if not in attitude the PLP lurches zombie-like chanting "reconciliation" instead of "brains" which if they had any would have stopped them from starting this coup in the first place. They live in existential fear that they'll be "deselected" and have to face what we would call a primary challenge from their constituency whom they've given no reason to support them.

'But the Media Guys still like us at the Pub!", they whine. Yeah, but your voters don't.

Tainted Story in Halifax

We'll have to wait to see if this actually turns out to be a good story. It started out to be one.

Kenny Cooley transferred to Halifax West High School as a junior. Things didn't go particularly well at his previous school when he came out as transgender. Now a senior, he pushed the boundaries a bit more this year by trying out and making the football team. He plays wide receiver.

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Big Sugar and Heart Disease

This link: UCSF Study will take you to an article titled:

UCSF reveals how sugar industry influenced national conversation on heart disease written by Elizabeth Fernandez , UC San Francisco Monday, September 12, 2016

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Neo-Liberalism and Wage Suppression

With all the hullabaloo over the coming Presidential election, I have held off posting this essay while we seem mostly engaged in current events. In addition, this essay posed a struggle for me because economics is certainly not an area in which I have expertise like gjohnsit and others here, so the research was a little more tedious than usual. Hopefully readers here can help fill in the gaps where necessary and expand upon the information presented in this essay.


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