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The Second (final) Caucus 99%Fundraising Team Planning Report

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Hello, all members. This is our final planning essay. The rest of this essay is copy-pasted from our working group pms (2 & 3).

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The Evening Blues - 8-24-16


The daily news roundup + tonight's musical feature: Johnny Otis

Conservative religious intend to make transgender existence unsustainable

Not content with challenging the right of transgender people to have safe use of public restrooms and the right of transgender students to have equal access to public education, religious conservatives have now filed suit challenging an Obama administration ruling that transgender people deserve equal access to medical treatment.

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Sirota Provides Clinton Foundation Study Notes

I have found that the consistently best reporting on the nexus between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation has been provided by David Sirota and International Business Times.

If you've lost the thread yourself or have friends who don't "get" the Clinton Foundation brouhaha, today's article is a good place to start -


We got back home from my 50th high school class reunion in the wee hours last night. Debbie says she had a great time. I know I did.

I can't tell you exactly how good it feels to spend the best part of three days with people who accept you for who you were and also for who you've become. You probably either know how that feels or you don't.

Subterranean Caucus99 Blues

Bill's in the Beltway basement,
Mixin’ up the medicine,
I’m on the pavement,
Thinkin’ about the government.
Debbie at the DNC,
Rigged it all for Hillary,
Told Bernie to fuck off,
Everybody's pissed off . . .

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The Evening Blues - 8-23-16


The daily news roundup + tonight's musical feature - Odetta

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There are no issues in the 2016 Presidential race.

Maybe there were issues when Bernie Sanders was running. Sanders made an issue of honesty, of whether or not any of the political rhetoric you hear coming from the mouths of the politicians had any relation to what the politicians were going to do. And then Sanders endorsed Clinton, and, lo and behold, it didn't, again. And the issue disappeared.

Things are escalating fast in Syria

I don't want to get in the habit of making daily updates about Syria, but events are moving so fast, and they are so important, that I can't ignore them.
It all started with Hasakeh.

Obama's Mercenary Armies

President Obama has set a number of milestone records while in the White House.
One of those being the only two-term president to be at war every single day.

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Progressives: Dems Want Your Votes While Working Against Your Candidates

I know that title is shocking. Are National Democrats working to sabotage their own candidates?

The political sands of Syria's war continue to shift

Things have changed so much in the region since the attempted coup in Turkey that the regional alliances might be unrecognisable by November at this rate.
The latest flashpoint is in Hasakah.

Are Hillary and Donald really so different?

Did you ever get the feeling that you were being lied to about something so big that the entire paradigm of how the world is being presented to you is false?
The lie in this case is that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are dramatically different, and thus there is a Lesser Evil.
This leads to the dominant feature of presidential politics today - voting out of fear of the other.

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Should the Green Party be replaced?

It's beginning to look unlikely that Jill Stein will merit 5% of the vote this year. This reality shouldn't keep us from trying, though. The question on my mind, however, is one of whether or not the Green Party needs to be replaced with some other party, or a new party, capable of challenging the Democratic Party in the election cycles ahead.

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Obama to Push for TPP Passage During Lame Duck Session

Not a surprise to anyone here, unless we're surprised he's admitting it and at least one news outlet is reporting on it...

From The Hill has published an editorial by Mark Weisbrot

Weisbrot is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, and the president of Just Foreign Policy. He is also the author of the new book "Failed: What the 'Experts' Got Wrong About the Global Economy" (Oxford University Press, 2015).

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Clinton Foundation Walks Back Pledge to Halt Foreign Donations

And they wonder why people think they are untrustworthy...

From Reuters:

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Against Adolph Reed's "It's Important"

As of yesterday Adolph Reed had a piece up on the Common Dreams website titled "Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger: It's Important" that, if anything, makes an excellent opportunity to reveal the strength of the powerful political forces locking us into the current mass suicide pa

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Trump Regrets Saying Mean Things. Hillary Regrets ...?

A few thoughts on Donald Trump's statement of regret made yesterday, and of course, a few things Hillary should consider regretting.

Donald Trump made the following statement Thursday night:

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Why Our Infrastructure Deficits Matter

Today is another entry in my continuing series on neo-liberalism and how it has impacted the lives of each of us. For those who may be interested in previous essays on this subject, here are the links to those essays.

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Jill Stein CNN Townhall Discussion Thread

Edited after the livestream:

I saw that this thread was moved to the front page so I wanted to be sure that ones who had missed it could find coverage.

update Friday 8/19: Found this easy list of clips from townhall posted at reddit r/jillstein


Link to youtube of full event courtesy of FreeSociety (thanks!) below:

My experience with private insurance before the ACA, and my thoughts re the viability of Obamacare.

FYI, gjohnsit has another fine essay out today, focusing on Obamacare. Originally I wanted to leave these words as a comment in that essay, but quickly realized that it would have been far, far too long, and so I decided to write my own "essay" instead. This piece is a collection of certain of my prior comments on TOP; I hope readers will find them useful.

HUD regulations for transgender people in homeless shelters

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has been finalizing its rules for the treatment of transgender people in shelters and the new regulations are scheduled to be released in September.

The new regulations are expected to require homeless shelters that receive federal support to treat transgender people as members of the gender with which they identify.

Transgender women are women regardless of whether they were born male.

If you’re a transgender woman and you walk into a homeless shelter and they treat you like a man, it’s traumatizing. These people are already vulnerable, they’re homeless, they don’t have a job. To face discrimination the entire time they’re there is a real problem.

--David Stacy, Human Rights Campaign

Summer of Obamacare

When Hillary Clinton decided to run as the third term of Obama she probably didn't anticipate that she would be having to deal with a crisis in Obama's signature piece of legislation.

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The Business Model of Healthcare in the US – Pay or Die - Updated

The US is the only major country on this planet that does not view Healthcare as a human right for citizen survival. The ACA is a complete joke on US citizens. (We are not fucking consumers, we are citizens, asshole!) The idea of “affordable” healthcare through over priced health insurance, is nothing short of a bad fucking joke. The linguistic gymnastics has got to stop.

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Black Lives Matter Declares War On Israel

According to Alan Dershowitz anyhow:

It is a real tragedy that Black Lives Matter — which has done so much good in raising awareness of police abuses — has now moved away from its central mission and has declared war against the nation state of the Jewish people.

Not exactly a declaration of war Alan:


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