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Friday Open Thread ~ "What are you listening to?" edition ~ Krystal and Kyle


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Krystal Ball, cohost of Rising on Hill TV, and Kyle Kulinski, host of Secular Talk, dive into politics, philosophy and random BS with people they like.


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Friday Open Thread ~ "What are you reading?" edition ~ The Bittersweet Science


Boxing, the historian Gerald Horne argues in his engaging and meticulously researched new book, was effectively weaponized by Blacks in the battle against white supremacy.

Toxic masculinity and other offshoots (including homophobia) are a major theme of this book and the author does not neglect women boxers–and wrestlers too—whose skills were honed in day-to-day battles with the pestilence that is male supremacy.

This book traces the story of Black dominance in the sport, from fighting en-slavers in Africa, through the brutal “battle royals” of slavery when enslaved men were placed in a ring blindfolded and forced to fight until one man was left standing, while, at the same time, it exposes the gross exploitation of fighters and the gargantuan profits garnered by the likes of Don King, Bob Arum–and a former Atlantic City casino poseur named Donald J. Trump.

Friday Open Thread ~ "What are you Watching?" edition ~ Yuletide films


A story inspired by the Christmas truce of 1914, a miraculous occurrence of peace for two days when men laid down their arms, came out of their trenches, and celebrated the holiday together. The aftermath depicted in the film is also part of history. The German, French, and Scottish commanders were severely reprimanded for "fraternization with the enemy." New troops were brought in to replace those who had been tainted by the experience. After all, war depends upon seeing the other side as subhuman.

In a disturbing scene, Palmer, the Anglican priest, is harshly criticized by his bishop, who argues that Jesus did not come to bring peace but a sword. Later, we see the bishop telling the new recruits that they are in a crusade, a holy war for freedom. Hearing these words and realizing how far this view is from the teachings of Jesus, Palmer takes off his cross, leaves it on a bedpost, and walks away.

Friday Open Thread ~ What are you listening to?" edition ~ Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour


From Lexinton, Kentucky ....

“You don’t have to be famous … you just have to be Good!

WoodSongs is an ALL VOLUNTEER live audience celebration of grassroots music and the artists who make it. The show airs on 537 radio stations from Australia to Dublin, Ireland, on American Forces Radio Network twice each weekend in 177 nations, every military base and US Naval ship in the world, coast-to-coast in millions of TV homes as a public TV series. Now Friday and Wednesday’s on RFD-TV America’s Most Important Rural Network. WoodSongs is produced 44 Mondays a year.