the seance quartet

The Seance Quartet

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When you smoke the cigarettes, and you have no money, you become accustomed to rhythmically changing brands. Because the cigarette Hitlers, they recurrently decide to stop distributing the good cheap ones. And then, you must flail for another.

I learned about the cigarette Hitlers from the woman at that little store over there on the corner, before the town burned down. The distributor, who brought to her the cigarettes, he was a Hitler, who only provided the cigarettes he Felt Like. She would ask for cigarettes, that she knew were out there in the world, and he would say: No. We have those. But you are not getting any. Because, he was a Hitler. Also, he would provide her with only one good cheap brand. And this she would have to conceal behind a flap, there in the cigarette display case, the cigarettes hidden away, not visible, like porn, or some shit.