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Hellraisers Journal: Joe Hill Memorial Edition of Little Red Songbook Published by Cleveland IWW

Organize! Oh, toilers, come organize your might;
Then we'll sing one song of the workers' commonwealth,
Full of beauty, full of love and health.
-Joe Hill

Thursday April 6, 1916
Cleveland, Ohio - "Joe Hill Memorial Edition of the I.W.W. Song Book"

Forget the Panama Papers; Most money laundering is in your face

The vast majority of Americans are under the impression that money laundering is something that is done by foreign dictators with shady banks in Latin America through anonymous shell companies. The Panama Papers revelation seems to bear that out.

It's NOT Your Democratic Party, It's HER Democratic Party

I could explain Hillary Clinton's "money laundering" scheme to allow her billionaire donors to spend way above and beyond the legal limit on contributions to her campaign (all perfectly legal thanks to the Supreme Court) all in elaborate detail, but since

Hellraisers Journal: Evansville Press Reports Villa’s Firing Squad Killed Don MacGregor at Minaca

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for living.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday April 5, 1916
From the Evansville Press: Don MacGregor Died by Firing Squad at Minaca

Activism: Protestors Sock It To CIA Director At Penn

Good morning my friends. I bring good news. The kids are all right. Our youngsters gave the Deep State Rep, John Brennan (Unelected Bipartisan Party), whatfor yesterday as he was speechifying away to drum up the case for more, and more profitable wars.
More below.

Manhood threatened, he says

 photo Islan_zpsfcigdlry.jpgJames Dixon has rejected a plea offer of 12 years in prison if he pleads guilty. Now he will face up to 25 years behind bars if convicted of beating Islan Nettles to death on a trial that starts today.

Dixon came forward after police at first had detained Paris Wilson on a charge of assault. Dixon had fled the scene of the assault on Nettles, which was right outside a police precinct in Harlem.

Dixon admitted killing Nettles in a 2013 interview with police.

Hellraisers Journal: Reporter Don MacGregor Killed in Mexico, Was Hero of Battle of Walsenburg

Men don't scare very easy when they're fighting
to keep other men from shooting up
and burning their homes.
-Don MacGregor

Tuesday April 4, 1916
News from El Paso, Texas: Don MacGregor Killed While Reporting from Mexico

Resilience: Homage To The Last Plains Indian War Chief

joseph medecin crow.jpg

In this family photo, Joseph Medicine Crow wears a headdress beaded by his granddaughter and a war shirt from the Custer Battlefield Trading Post in Crow Agency, Montana. The Bighorn Mountains are in the background. (Photo by Ramona Medicine Crow)

A strong man passed away on Sunday. A defensive warrior, a scholar, a leader, a patriot, a veteran, a preserver of The Long Memory - the unbroken chain of the spiritual ancestors of progressives everywhere. More below.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: The Revolutionary Class Of The Future


The desire for revolution lives at the beating heart of anti-capitalism. There may be differing visions of how that revolution will be conducted and on exactly whose terms the new-born society will be ruled, but in the end our mission is to overturn the power of Capital and remake the world for the benefit of the masses.