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Anti assault and violence groups condemn anti-transgender bills

The National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women has initiated a statement which was signed onto by over 250 anti-sexual assault and domestic violence groups saying that the bill does nothing to reduce assault but rather puts transgender people at an even bigger risk of violence.

Hellraisers Journal: Frank Tannenbaum Revisits Blackwell’s Island Prison as a Free Man

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday April 25, 1916
From The Masses: Frank Tannenbaum on Reforms at Blackwell's

Frank Tannenbaum on way to jail, 1914_0.png

The Democratic Party's Forty Percent Dilemma

Robert Reich pointed to this particular statistic recently in his essay posted at Alternet, Don't Bank on All of Bernie's Supporters Making an Easy Switch to Hillary: Over forty percent (40%) of all political contributions in 2012 "came from the richest 0.01 percent of American households." Almost 42% (41.8% to be precise) actually.

Dialing for Dollars -- a Major way in which Congress is Broken

A Congress critter's real job ...

No wonder only 14% of the people think Congress is doing a good job.

Because as Sixty Minutes reports, they spend most of their time on the Hill, NOT actually doing their jobs -- of representing us. They’ve got other responsibilities that are first on the To-Do List ...

Anti-Capitalist MeetUp: reclaiming the possibility of democracy or creating libertarian warlordism

Sophie’s Hobson Choice on Maggies Bullet Farm: George Miller’s nearly aboriginal-free post-apocalypse vision or JJ Abrams’ non-LGBTQ utopian dystopia -— What a lovely day for Star Trek/War’s POC clone diversity already signalled

What remains certain is that Reconstruction failed, and that for blacks its failure was a disaster whose magnitude cannot be obscured by the genuine accomplishments that did endure.

- Eric Foner

The libertarian warlordism nationally rampant in the 1870s may yet return in the 21st Century, given its revival in the Second Reconstruction of the 1960s Civil Rights movement and its apparent reemergence in the post-9/11 period.

McBride Day

Sarah McBride was president of the American University student body when she came out as transgender in 2012. Having worked on Beau Biden's 2010 campaign for AG of Delaware and Jack Markel's 2008 gubernatorial campaign, she had gained some connections that earned her a spot as a White House intern...becoming the first openly transgender woman to work in the White House.

In January 2013 Sarah joined the board of directors of Equality Delaware and was instrumental in Delaware passing anti-discrimination protections for transgender people. Sarsh moved on to work at the Center for American Progress. New Statesman has predicted that she will be the first transgender American to be elected to high office,

Sarah has posted a viral selfie to social media:

 photo Sarah_zpsdxmx4pmj.png

The Nation's Greg Grandin revues failures of 'Clintonism' in Latin America

In A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America, Greg Grandin, of The Nation analyzes a history of "(s)upport for coup regimes, militarization and privatization, trade deals that wreak economic havoc— ... (that) reveal the failure of Clintonism."

He starts his tour in Honduras:

Hellraisers Journal: Joe Hill and the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

Organize! Oh, toilers, come organize your might;
Then we'll sing one song of the workers' commonwealth,
Full of beauty, full of love and health.
-Joe Hill

Tuesday April 24, 1906
From The San Francisco Call: Fire Boundary Twenty-Six Miles

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, Fire Boundary, SF Call, Apr 23, 1906.png

Are we ready to rumble? The People's Summit June 17 - 19

If it was even remotely possible, I would so go to this Summit. Maybe they'll figure out a way to nationalize it and or livestream keys parts of it. Maybe we could 'crowdsource' a few bucks here and send a few of our own?

SideNote: To the DNC, the CCC and the rest of the party faithful, this is about all I have to say: