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Christian: Let my people go

Pastor John Pavlovitz is on a mission...to say "stuff that needs to be said."

An essay he wrote in late February is now making the rounds: Christian, Let My Transgender People Go! (When Bigotry Uses the Bathroom)

It's not that I haven't written the exact same things myself, but my motives are suspect since I am myself trans. Pastor John is not.

I'll pick out some of my favorite paragraphs, but reading the whole thing would be a benefit to you and probably society.

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones: We stand in the dawn of war between the robbed and robbers.

If they force us to shoot they will find
that they never struck such a band of fighters
as the American workingmen.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday March 14, 1906
New York, New York - Socialists and Trade Unionists Rally to Defense of Moyer and Haywood

Mother Jones, Miners Angel .jpg

Two thousand Socialists and trade unionists, watched over by one thousand bluecoats, gathered in the city of New York last night to protest the arrests and attempted judicial murder of Charles Moyer and Bill Haywood, officers of the Western Federation of Miners. One of the speakers was Mother Jones who stated:

We stand in the dawn of the world's greatest war...It will be the war between the robbed and the robbers, and the robbers will go down. When they talk of hanging Moyer and Haywood, now why didn't they talk of hanging the men who shot down innocent working men in Virginia? Why don't they talk of hanging the commercial pirates who are murdering the little children in the mills of the South?.....

If they force us to shoot they will find that they never struck such a band of fighters as the American workingmen.

Occupy Trump - Badgers and Hogwarts Houses ( renamed from Response to a Critique)

John Lennon said that life is what happens to us while we're busy making other plans. We're having a primary where the coronation got interrupted by an insurgent. That was unexpected, but it quickly became clear that the insurgency could grow into a Democratic schism. One side is corporatist, neo-con, and neo-liberal. The other side is progressive, democratic socialist, and peaceful. "All we are saying is give peace a chance."

On the other side of the American divide, their ideological madness is splitting the GOP into a racist, corporatist, and global side and a racist, christian-dominionist side. The leader of the christianist side is, ironically, Drumpf, with the yet more dangerous Cruz at his heels. Cruz is a traditional racist, a lawyerly blower of dog whistles. Drumpf,on the other hand, is a Freudian carnival of ego gone amok. As the Democratic sides separated into a catholic and protestant side, Drumpf's drumbeat of racist incitement overwhelmed not only the GOP primary race, but the entire 2016 election. The bitter harvest of ancient hate and a decade of racist incitement against one of the most accomplished of all American presidents is in. Now. In real time. Spring may be in the air, but in the American psyche, it's fall and the bitter harvest is in. Drumpf's race-baiting is now the defining feature of the 2016 election. Life happens while we are busy making primary plans. So, what does all of this mean for Bernie?

Fascism Doesn't Always Creep

There appears to be two lines of thought developing about how to deal with fascism that has become a part of Trump’s election strategy. One is that we don’t address it now as it may affect Sander’s electoral chances and the other is that we tackle it head on now. Spoiler alert - I am a firm believer of the second approach.

A Campaign Manager's Perspective on the anti-Trump Protests

A lot of people lately have been commenting on how the anti-Trump protests could hurt Bernie Sanders' election chances. I thought I would share my views on this issue from the perspective of a campaign manager. Caveat: this is not my *moral* opinion on how things are or how they should be. This is my political opinion of the effect of anti-Trump protests on Sanders' electoral viability.

A few points about the situation:

Her name was Jasmine

 photo jasmine_0_zpsyvamphqw.jpgBack in January...January 22 to be exact....police found the body of Jasmine Sierra, a 52-year-oldtransgender woman of color, was found in an apartment in Bakersfield, CA. According to the police report, the body showed signs of trauma and foul play.

While police reportedly interviewed neighbors and witnesses about hearing gunshots and fighting, they won't release further specifics about the circumstances of Sierra’s death. Calls to Bakersfield police were not returned by press time.

Unfortunately, at the time the coroner and media identified Jasmine as a male and used her birth name, while asking "anyone with information helpful to the investigation to call police."

Because of the deadnaming, none of Jasmine's friends and acquaintances could help out because they didn't know she was dead.

Bill Clinton’s odious presidency

What slime buckets the Clintons are. After reading this excerpt from Thomas Frank's new book, even the ugly Trump would be 1000x better. There isn't anything new in here, but having it all together is like a smack in the nose. I encourage you to follow the link and read the entire article. Bolding is mine.

Hellraisers Journal: NY Socialists Plan Mass Meeting for Moyer & Haywood; Mother Jones to Speak

There are no limits to which powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday March 13, 1906
From The New York Times: Socialists Rally Behind Moyer and Haywood

From the Times of March 12th:


Ex-Mayor of Haverhill Wants Them to
Fight to Save Moyer and Haywood.

Socialist Party of America Button.gif

A appeal was made at yesterday's meeting of the Central Federated Union By John C. Chase, Former Socialist Mayor of Haverhill, Mass., for co-operation with the Socialists in protesting against the punishment of President Moyer, Secretary Haywood, and other officers of the Western Federation of Miners, who were arrested in connection with a number of murders, including the assassination of ex-Gov. Steunenberg of Idaho. These men are now in jail in Boise City. Capitalists and corporations were denounced impartially by Chase. He said that the unions at a meeting last Thursday decided on a perpetual agitation on behalf of the imprisoned men and asked to attend the first conference to push along the agitation which will begin in the Grand Central Palace to-morrow. Referring to Moyer and Haywood, he said:

If these two men are hanged, and if any man in this body, or any other body of the kind, is not then willing to shoulder a gun and fight for his class, he is a coward.