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When did the meaning of 'transgender' become 'pedophile'?

That's what Autumn Murphy Hargrave asks in her essay at Redheaded Blackbelt.

This whole bathroom transgender issue in the news has me confused. I am not sure when transgender turned into pedophile. Today I listened to some guy from Georgia telling me to speak my mind on this issue. This is my piece of mind on the subject of transgender bathroom use and this is all I have to contribute on the subject.

I know transgender folks. I know gay and lesbian folks. I know pedophile folks too. The transgender, gay and lesbian folks I know are all a little freaky, a lot awesome, mostly normal, no less so than me or you. Some have families of their own. They all live lives built around home, hearth, community and tribe. A few of them are just starting out in this life. Young women taking those first steps they are into a never kind world. I love them or like them. Depending on which one. I have never once thought of any moment in their lives to be so different from mine, I could not trust them with my safety. Or my sons’ safety.

Trigger Warning concerning the inside.

Neoliberalism: A Greater Threat to Humanity Than Communism Ever Was

Soviet-style communism failed because in practice it didn't come close to delivering what it promised in theory. The only way it could perpetuate itself was through brutal suppression of any political opposition. But with the advent of modern communications technology, the reality that western-style economic systems delivered a far superior lifestyle to the great majority of citizens became impossible to conceal from the masses.

Clinton Dirty Business - Indiana Phone Bank Fraud Edition

According to reports on twitter today, Hellery supporters are calling Indiana residents and telling voters to vote for Hellery because "Bernie has officially dropped out of the race".

This was discovered by Bernie phone bankers who said voters were surprised that they were calling.

Below is one IM conversation, but there are may more tweets from others on this same subject. Gee I wonder if the Clinton camp got into Bernie's call list database?

I doubt I'll be voting for the lesser of 2 evils

The lesser of 2 evils. A concept we talked about in 8th grade history class. I turned 18 in 1976 and voted for Jimmy Carter, and have continually voted for the lesser of 2 evils my entire adult life. I have seriously considered writing in Bernie come November, I see no reason to continue this pattern.

Brand New Congress would

..be the obstructionists to a Clinton Administration that the GOP and the Tea Party were to an Obama Administration.

The Peoples House would be the liberal counterweight to a DLC Neo Liberal Clinton White House. The Peoples House would also be the deadweight around a President Trumps executive neck.

We're building on the tools, tactics and networks that we developed together on Bernie's campaign.

Hellraisers Journal: Revolution Growing in Ireland; Parts of Dublin in Hands of Rebels

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Friday April 28, 1916
From the NewYork Evening World: "Rebels Hold Part of Dublin"

Easter Rising, Liberty Hall, Evening World, Apr 27, 1916.png"WE SERVE NEITHER KING NOR KAISER, BUT IRELAND"

Clinton Dead Wrong: Natural Gas & Fracking are not the Bridge to a Cleaner Energy Future for America

The presumptive nominee believes that natural gas can be a bridge fuel to a cleaner energy future for the world, even if fracking technology is used to extract this resource, so long as we take the right approach and put in the right safeguards to prevent fugitive methane from escaping into the atmosphere. She couldn't be more wrong.

#BernieOrBust Advocate Shreds Clinton Campaign Shill (Updated)

This #BernieOrBust advocate** is so clear and concise about why she won't vote for Clinton. She gives a half dozen real examples of Hellery lies. Then the Clinton Campaign Shill* just regurgitates vague Hellery talking points, "People believe what they want to believe", blah blah blah.

It's so obvious Hellery has no answer for her horrible record. And Trump is going to feed Hellery through a meat grinder. Hahaha.