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"The Groundwork," secretive tech firm backed by Google's Eric Schmidt, has been paid $504,160 by the Hillary campaign, per FEC records.

Transgender woman shot in the back in Orange County

 photo shooting_zpsjhyfzhkg.jpgAn unnamed transgender woman, thought to be in her twenties or thirties, was walking along Harbor Boulevard in Santa Ana, CA, at about 3am yesterday, when she was shot in the back by a man who she said was Hispanic, with a grey hat.

After sharing that much information, the victim declined to cooperate further with the investigation.

I will not vote for Hillary (analysis appended).

          Dreamers like the story of the pebble that falls from a tiny ledge to hit a slightly larger rock that is balanced on the verge of toppling off a slightly larger ledge. If the conditions downslope are just right that tiny disturbance generates an enormous cascade.

No, Mr. Sorkin, "Capitalism" didn't do that.

I watched the Maher show earlier this morning, and the followup on Youtube. The guests included Barbara Boxer, Katie Packer, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Ana Marie Cox and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine). The latter was basically the lone sane voice, when it came to the brief discussion of capitalism and socialism, both during the show and "overtime." But he was all but shouted down when he tried to school the panelists and Maher on their errors.

Here's How Hillary Can Earn My Vote (and yours)

You know this whole unity campaign the Democrats have rolled out the past few days hasn't gone well so far. It's killing Elizabeth Warren, I hear. People are just a little bit too angry about, well, you know, a certain stolen election, and I don't think that is gonna change by November.

Ah, but I have a solution.

Where Hillary isn't really that different from Donald

OK, sure. There is certainly huge differences in style between Clinton and Trump.
Trump is crude and boorish. Hillary is traditional and measured.
On some issues, like Obamacare and climate change, they are polar opposites.
But how different are their other policies?

Judge refuses name change in Georgia

 photo Feldhaus_zps2xqi7miz.jpgRowan Elijah Feldhaus submitted a name change petition which Columbia County Superior Court Judge J. David Roper rejected. Rowan's previous name had been Rebeccah Elizabeth Feldhaus.

The question presented is whether a female has the salutatory right to change her name to a traditionally and obviously male name. The court concludes that she does not have such right.

--Judge Roper

Lambda Legal submitted a filing to the Georgia Court of Appeals challenging the denial yesterday.

Open Planning Conference (Actions Have Consequences)

          Bernie decided to run on the Democratic Ticket, Bernie decided to speak truth to power. We can see the consequences of his actions. At various times we all (each of us as individuals) have initiated actions, and those actions have effected (in large or small ways) people we know and for whom we care.
          To assist in the larger effort I think we as a group (c99%) should adopt some specific action item(s) to promote during the next few months. I think this would unambiguously generate a positive message that won't be ignored or legitimately faulted.

Obama's State Dept has been delaying many Clinton-related FOIA requests until after the 2016 election

Emailgate: round 3 --Deposition of Stephen Mull

Hello, deposition fans! Here is the third released Journal Watch (JW) deposition related to multiple FOIA-associated lawsuits. The batter in third place is (was) a power hitter in the Hillary line-up, Stephen Mull (SM). He was in charge of cybersecurity in the State Department (DOS) during most of the Queen's reign of terror at Foggy Bottom.

I have to thank Obama for making so many things clear today

I am ashamed of myself for taking the bait eight years ago. I knew better but I shut that all down and got swindled again. There were those who saw him for what he is back then but I ignored them. "Hope and Change" turned into Monsanto people being appointed right away and then the sell out on the banks and so much more.

I deplore the republicans for their racist stupidity because if they had any integrety at all they could have nailed him legitimately so many times.

fifth anniversary of Thomas Drake charged under espionage act

Drake posted this in twitter

Thomas Drake ‏@Thomas_Drake1 1h1 hour ago
5 yrs ago today I faced down a 35 yr prison term in a 10 felony count Espionage Act indictment handed down against me by the US gov't. 1/19

5 yrs ago today I faced down a 35 yr prison term in a 10 felony count Espionage Act indictment handed down against me by the US gov't. 1/19

The Knucklehead effect

The Chicago City Council's Committee on Human Relations advanced an ordinance to the City Council Floor which will close a loophole in the city's human rights code which could make it difficult for transgender people to access public washrooms.

Under examination was the requirement that people be able to show a government-issued identification card that indicates that their gender matches that indicated for the washroom.

Hellraisers Journal: American Miners Fleeing Mexico, Arriving in Bisbee, W. F. of M. Blamed for Unrest

We are free, truly free, when
we don't need to rent our arms to anybody
in order to be able to lift
a piece of bread to our mouths.
-Ricardo Flores Magón

Saturday June 9, 1906
Report from Bisbee, Arizona: "Agitators" Threatened with Arrest

Cananea Copper Strike of 1906, Strikers confront Am possemen_0.png

Every Revolution Needs a Convention Of, By & For the People (with video)

I don't know the best way to continue what the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter and Bernie helped ignite, a true people's movement: a/k/a a People's Revolution. Do we work to change the Democrats from within or become an outside force for change? I just know one thing. We can't stop.

OK so what's going on?

Yesterday I received an email pitch from the Sanders campaign:

When we began this campaign a little over a year ago we were considered to be a fringe campaign. But over the last year, I think that has changed just a little bit.

As of last night, we have won 22 state primaries and caucuses with more than 11 million votes.

BNR - 'Sanders Is Set To Meet With Obama & Reid' & 'Bernie's Influence Is Evident'

Obama On The Battle Between The Campaigns

President Obama said the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was a “healthy thing” for the Democratic Party and that his role going forward will be to remind people that the job of being president “is not reality TV," in an interview with “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

FOLKS - CA IS NOT OVER ... I mean seriously, IT IS NOT OVER ... Keep the Faith ...

The AP called California once "100% of the precincts were counted", but WTF does that mean? The counting isn't anywhere close to being 100% done in CA.

Here in CA we don't have election day, we have election week, which means we are still counting votes (lots and lots of votes). 3 million votes might still be uncounted (see below).

Disturbing Omission from DNC Platform Drafting Committee Survey: Climate Change

After reading underwriter505's first essay here, I was dismayed to discover that the DNC Platform Drafting Committee sent two emails requesting feedback from Democratic party members on issues to be addressed by the party's platform.

Clinton's Voter Suppression Tactic Worked In California

For all the posturing and projecting about how hopeless the California campaign was for Sanders, the Clintonistas betrayed their insecurity and fear by how far they were willing to go to win California.

As poll after poll showed a neck-and-neck race, the Clinton team got desperate and seems to have coordinated with AP to call the race a day early.

The following explanation was shared over 1,600 times: