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Saturday Open Thread 02-14-15

Happy Valentines Day 99percenters!
News and Sonny Landreth

Calls Grow to Reject AUMF That Permits 'Waging War All Over World'
'The devastating and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us that when we give military authority to the executive, it should not be a blank check,' says Congressional Progressive Caucus

Global Drone Assassination Program on verge of collapse

Competition of good-paying jobs is fierce these days, but there is one job sector where they will train you, you can get paid six-figures, and you don't even have to work hard.
No kidding, in the private sector the starting salary is $100,000.

There's just one small catch: You sometimes have to kill children.

The Caucus Cafe

Today’s Special: Clementine Cake

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I thought some folks might be in search of a recipe to answer the sweet tooth this Hallmark holiday evokes. I’m not much of a chocolate lover but I’ll rarely turn down a piece of fruit or a few nuts. Right now our kitchen counter has a bowl full of clementines and good bakers and cooks always look for fresh seasonal ingredients.

Evening Blues Preview 2-11-15

This evening's music features Chicago bluesman Little Smokey Smothers.

Monarch Butterflies

The government is wrong, naturally. Yesterday there was a diary on Daily Kos praising the new $3.2 million government program to protect the monarch butterfly after the findings that 1 billion of them are missing. I raised the question of Monsanto's Roundup being the real problem. One GMO protector told me to "go make puppets." Many bloggers accepted this campaign very happily.

Welcome to justice and democracy in America. - #Ferguson

Writer Redmon was there and what he recorded and describes is hard to believe. That there is no media coverage or federal action against the police for this type of abuse is scary as hell. I'm not sure if everyone here has seen this article on what transpired on the 6 month anniversary of the police killing in #Ferguson, but it is definitely worth reading.