The Way We Were

          The sheriff was attempting to evict a woman from her farm on behalf of an insurance company. Michigan, 1952.

          Her neighbors (farmers) chose to intervene. Standing up to "authority" feels good, … Trust me on this one. And, when done as a community, it is even the safest option.


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I was 7. Trucks pulled up into our driveway, armed, led by the sheriff, armed, Dad grabbed a gun, gave Mom a gun, and both of them would have shot
first. My Dad paid "the Niggras" the same rate as white farm and ranchers were paid for the seasonal work.
Every man in our front yard was a farmer or rancher, ready to point guns at my family because "The Niggras went to us first. Omigod, we got peak crop! Theirs's was delayed!
They paid the Niggras what they wanted.
At my parents funerals, the people attending were mostly "Niggras".
I stood by my Mom with her gun.
She would have opened fire if they killed the love of her life.
I was 7. Screen door. Watched it, heard it. Will never forget it.

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standing together and supporting each other in a united front — a nightmare for the Powers That Be, that all the divisions they sow are designed to prevent.

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It illustrates just about everything we stand for as "liberals," progressives, leftists, humanists, members of the human race. It even resonates through the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. The bond between us is human to human. Corporations and government aren't as tight as that. May we uphold it.

Thank you.

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