Showdown at the Mueller corral: Rod Rosentstein beats Mueller to the draw.

What is this? This turnabout? What the heck (or insert other deprecatory nouns here)? Is this the "Et tu, Rod?" moment. We have on one hand (or paw) Robert Swan Müller assembling a team of of rabid anti-Trumpers, scattered in with a few more moderate anti-Trumpers, going about the Inquisition of Cozy Bear with the dedication of Robespierre, the cleverness of Göbbels, and the money of [insert your favorite funder here--oh, it's us!]

Then we have one Rod Rosenstein, slaving for decades in the Swan's gentle wake, fixing things which ought to be fixed, providing sunscreen for his boss, and shade from the lazy media. Rod's career has been continuous upward path since he made alliance with the Swan. Now he basks in the relative glory of the DOJ, whose boss is an escaped Keebler elf, at the number two position. This gives him essentially full day to day control of the Sessions dominion. Plus Rod is the legal superior to whom the Swan, now in a bit of real reversal, must report.

Due to vociferous cries from the Democraptic party and a few Republicans, the Inquisition commenced about 1 year ago. The goal was to find whether the Never Gonna Be President was pushed into the White House, unfairly dispossessing HRC of her rightful domicile, by "colluding" with Russians in attempting to persuade the people to not vote for "the fittest candidate for President ever".

Since Beauregard recused himself from all matters Russia, it became up to number two at DOJ to handle things pertaining to said country. Thus he volunteered his ex-boss, the Swan, to head the inquiry. Remember the original purpose: find "collusion". My brother, Alphonse, who is a lawyer tells me there is no crime called collusion.

Like any good hunt, their should be trophies to show off your successes. Well, we got a Rick Gates and Paul Manafort doing business with the Russians--but wait a minute, their business occurred before the campaign and the intermediary was John Podesta. Then they snagged Gen. Flynn with rewritten 302 responses after an ambush with Peter Strzok and Andy McCabe. This came from the original meeting of which Strzok thought Flynn said nothing illegal until McCabe convinced him otherwise. Hence Flynn got fired and indicted for lying to the lying FBI. Whose lies are more credible: a liar or a liar? Please write me at the swamp to explain all this.

Next head in the trophy list is George Papadopolous who got drunk and offered an Australian some dirt that grew magic beanstalks. Wait a minute folks, it looks like Flynn has wriggled out of the hook--something to do with prosecutorial misconduct on the part of the charging documents. Now Flynn, bankrupted and pissed off, has nothing to lose, is poised to jump into battle with the Black Knights of the Shadow Government. This is for another day.

Then the Swan pulled in 13 guppies (real Russian trolls toiling in a Saint Petersburg sweat shop), selling puppies and I Hate Hillary stickers on Facebook, sadly enough after the election. This resulted in a charge of fraud against the United States because one of the puppies was transexual.
The two incorporated troll sweatshop companies were also indicted.

Then the Swan hit a long dry streak. His gaze, eagle-like in its intensity, quickly focused on the Trump Company and its Owner. To my best recollection, Drumpf is not Russian. While there may be some funny business at TTC, the only Russians involved bought and sold real estate with DJT.

But for some inscrutable reason, Rosenstein asserts command.

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s evidently free investigation keeps on frequenting the Trump organization, the FBI has issued an astounding cautioning to Mueller himself to remain in line–lest he confronts the outcomes.

“Bob Mueller understands and I understand the specific scope of the investigation, and so no, it’s not a fishing expedition,” said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein yesterday. If there is evidence of a crime that is found within the scope of what they agreed, then Mueller has free rein, Rosenstein would explain. However, if it’s outside the scope of the probe, then “he needs to come to the Acting Attorney General, at this time, for permission to expand his investigation,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Rosenstein initially appointed Mueller to supervise the government Russia test, which started back in May when President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Albeit such an issue would fall under Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ consideration, he recused himself from the case, in which Rosenstein, at last, was given the ability to contract and fire the uncommon advice.

Reports surfaced asserting that Mueller extended his investigation to take a gander at Trump’s funds, and in addition putting pressure on past representatives of the president, for example, his previous campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Warning: Conspiracy Theory Ahead

Being unable to play either chess or checkers, I found it really easy to theorize--not like Steven Hawking, but in my slow mental way. I do know however, one famous equation from political science class:

Political energy (E´) = 1/3 X $ X $.

Please write to AU Political Science department for explanation as to the derivation of that equation.

So here's the theory. It is convoluted, more so than my cerebral cortex. Rod got "stuff" on the Swan from their many years' association. This includes U1. Of course the Swan has dirt on RR, but right now all the aces are in RR's hand. RR can fire the Swan whereas the reverse isn't possible.

Trump has more dirt on the Swan than any of us could possibly know--including Rod. The Swan knows this.

Underlying basis of fact for ensuing conspiracy theory: Every since this Russiagate stuff started spewing out, we have learned so much about Hussein and Medusa's wrong-doing which we never would have learned otherwise. Just like HRC's emails which are still finding their way to press, this Inquisition has actually thrown more dirt of Democrats than on Republicans. The Dims, being so arrogant and certain of HRC's coronation, did a very sloppy cover-up. Think about a what we have learned about Democratic wrongdoing. Piss portfolio, Chris Steele, Blumenfeld and Shearer, Rudy Contreras, FISA applications flawed and/or felonious, Fusion GPS, funding by HFA/DNC, and more.

So far, who has this hurt the most? If I knew how to score this I would say
Trump...... 0..................................6.............................2 (including Stormy)

Hillbots.... 0 ..............................182............................2 (including Stormy)

It is evident to every one, including Mad Adam Schiff that this investigation looking for a crime has gone on too long for the Republicans and the general public to tolerate. So as Müller's probe goes further afield, it has obviously lost its reason for being.

Trump knew that nothing would come of the witch hunt in advance.
Thus he allowed to play out, exposing Democratic corruption (succeeding remarkably well).
Müller was in on this from the beginning, acting as a Trumpian stalking Swan horse
Müller made a pre-inquistion agreement with Trump to run the charade in return for lighter penalties, if any.
Rosenstein knew that there was good bit of dirt on himself, so he is playing ball for the same reason.
RR telling the Swan to knock off the explorations is an agreed upon signal to stop without causing Democratic uproar.

1. Trump exonerated
2. Mueller gets new lease on life as he knows it.
3. Rosenstein also gets off lightly and gets to resign with his pension and benefits attached
4. Democrats are left speechless
5. Democrats have wasted all political capital
6. Democrats are firmly on the defensive and will remain so until at least the mid-term elections.

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

@Fishtroller 02

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Psychopathy is not a political position, whether labeled 'conservatism', 'centrism' or 'left'.

A tin labeled 'coffee' may be a can of worms or pathology identified by a lack of empathy/willingness to harm others to achieve personal desires.

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

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it is soooo much more important than say climate chaos...which they successfully ignore.

It is the strategy of mass distraction.

It is good to review things to make sure we learned something. How about looking back at the Iraq war of 2003 with Medea and scholar Sabah Alnasseri? Talk about stupidity...over and over again! (30 min or text)

Lying is stock and trade for the bastards....

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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@Lookout from a coterie of peace-loving counterinsurgents like Medea Benjamin. Lies like this should not be published in serious blogging by armchair peaceniks who have the understanding of a gnat concerning the glories of war and subjugating unwilling peoples to the benign demands of Democracy-loving imperialistic Neocons who have worked out their explanation of more hemoglobin spillage to the Nth degree of satisfaction of the PNAC. We must crush such independent, and therefore seditious rot from seeing the light of open publication.

P.S. for the cognitively impaired: This is snark.

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the Australian government to the Clinton Foundation arranged by the same guy who reported
George Papadopolous got drunk and bragged about Trump/Russia connections.
The D's now claim this was the thing that started the Flynn wire tapping (while failing to mention the HRC connection).

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chuck utzman

TULSI 2020

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@chuckutzman This "little" detail was not included in my essay (rant) for reasons of brevity. Should I have done so, data mining and such, this essay would be too long for me to write. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so if certain issues disappear from print in my humble offerings it's because my reptilian brain cannot contain all the data currently flooding into it. I just want to submerge, Chuck, after taking a deep cleansing breath and saying my mantra (omm...Russia...omm...Russia). So please pardon me in my less than complete offeratory of Democratic good deeds since good Queen Killary fell down the steps on the way to her coronation.

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