She wasn't laughing when Tulsi Gabbard destroyed her on stage

Good grief, that laugh. That obnoxious laugh Kamala does when she is asked a question that she does not want to answer. Are we going to have to put up with that psychotic laughter for 4-8 years? Gawd's Nightmare! This is gonna be a long 4-8 years.

How many rich white parents did Kamala harass for truancy as opposed to poor minority families that are working 2-3 jobs and had to take time off to attend to this BS Kamala cooked up? How many people were thrown out of their homes by Mnuchin's bank while Kamala was turning a blind eyed to the crimes? How many alter kids continued to be abused by pedophilic catholic priests while Kamala looked the other way and decided not to prosecute them? How many people had to remain in prison because Harris did not want to release them because it would affect prison labor slavery? How many......because Kamala was the attorney general of California for the 1%?

Thank gawd for Tulsi for exposing this woman and taking her out of contention. Thanks, Tulsi!!

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It reminds me of hillary's cackle and both want to make me want to barf.

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