The New International Economic Order (NIEO) and G77

This seems to have been where the big deal between North oligarchs had its original genesis, but it did not become formal, I think until Punta Del Este, Uruguay September 15-20 1986.

Remember that there is an implicit acceptance of the principle of "progressive liberalization" which trade activists describe as sort of a noose, that can only get tighter, never looser, around the neck of Democracy, itself. .


The rich countries banks were dealing with officials who they knew to be corrupt and they set up an offshore system to let their best buds under colonialism hide "their money" fromthe governments and taxpayers they had stolen it from. But the debts were bad from the start because they knew the money was being stolen, so its a fraudulent debt. Its not due and payable against the people of these countries instead its a fraud!

The poor countries proposed they would pay back this odiuous debt by having their people vote in the rich countries in vanishing jobs, cheap. Its a huge scam. Just say no Africa. You know the whole bunch of #rd world debt All these debts just about all the debts are bullshit.

to pay by having their young people work in places like the US fo slave wages and getting low cost college diplomas at web sites like just to get better entry level jobs.

A planet of frauds!

Its all just the way is set up.

Internships are a means of discrimination, and slavery. (But not by race, by wealth, they are costly screens to filter out the persons of poverty.)

North and South oligarchs both agreed that wages were too high, especially in the rich countries and they had to go down to be "sustainable" for the oligarchs of the world and others. . "Sustainable development" is a shared goal which means that only the lowest wages are "sustainable", middle class as its historically been in the rich countries is not sustainable to them. so incentives steered to the poorest countries with the most sustainable levels of regulation. Countries (Least Developed Countries) who accept the lowest wages are being rewarded with good jobs,as long as they keep wages low enough. (Ensuring high profits) . Its a sort of recolonization of the world, except now by corporations, not countries. Its a one way street to higher efficiency. Job losses and wage losses are "efficiency gains" They are eliminating discrimination - like laws that fight discrimination, Equal wages for equal work is seen as discrimination against the poor countries. all laws that inhibit business practices or total freedom. to lower wages and trade jobs are deprecated in a parody of the US civil rights movement. Corporations are framed as victims of discrimination. (where did this brilliant and twisted& sadistic idea originate?). And when the standstill that prevented member countries from making any changes that improved the lot of workers were frozen, stand still, because they are framed as trade barriers standing ion the way of trade. Thats why Americans cannot vote for affordable healthcare, because foreign investors have been given rights to trade and buy and sell under "certainty" conditions, Absolute permanency, new regulation is forbidden if it inhibits equal rights for foreign corporations, maybe even Superior rights if they are freed of paying "discriminatory" minimum wages. Medicaid for all instead of any other deals for all, if they inhibit profits . Governments cannot improve the deal for the people as that would impede their obligations to foreign business right to establishment and rights to transact freely, among the four most sacred freedoms of the EU. and regulatory changes which require they meet higher standards are framed to steal their property, or their investors property.

1981. The year 1981. Thats when it started, now I remember, a conversation held around five years ago with somebody who was there. I wanted to know what the date we became unable to fix healthcare was. The year the standstill began. The noose. (As long as we are in one of the countries that signed these letters of intent to conclude the dirty deals)

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