Inside the world of the wonderful Clydesdale Horses

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stirrs up emotions. Thank you, snoopy.

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TTTT (too tired to talk)

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but both videos brought tears to my eyes. I have needed a feel good video lately. Thanks for posting these,snoopydawg.

I have seen the Clydesdales up close at least twice. They are huge animals, and like most draft horses, are very gentle. The horses seem to love the attention they get from the crowds that come to meet and admire them. The drivers warn people who get near to pet them not to worry about them except to watch your feet in case one of the horses accidentally steps on them.

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I'm a big fella, 6' 5" and 300 pounds, so if I ever get a horse, it'll have to be a big one. Here's a picture of me the only time I ever rode a horse. ( I may have been thinner back then. Smile ) I suspect that horse was too small for me. It sure didn't want to do anything other than amble along and give me side eye.

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My stepmom and I saw them sort of up close at the Pomona Fair I believe. They were in their barn and we weren't allowed to pet them as their handlers said they get so much attention they try to let them have some down time in the barn, which they deserve so we didn't try but it was hard not to!

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