The Evening Blues - 6-28-22


No news roundup + tonight's musical feature: Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins

Hey! Good Evening!

This evening's music features Detroit blues singer and guitarist Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins. Enjoy!

Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins - If Trouble Was Money

No News and Opinion

Have a great evening!

A Little Night Music

Mr. Bo - Early In The Morning

Mr. Bo - I'm Leaving This Town

Mr. Bo - Plenty Fire Below

Mr. Bo - I Ain't Gonna Suffer

Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins - Bo's Groove

Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins - I've Got The Blues

Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins - Born In The Country

Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins - B.B. King Medley

Louis "Mr. Bo" Collins - Detroit, Michigan

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and thanks for the detroit Bo blues

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be well and have a good one

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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NATO chief wants climate-friendly militaries ..

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg vowed on Tuesday to cut the military behemoth’s carbon emissions to zero by 2050 and send the soldiers of the future to battlefields in electric vehicles.

Too weird to even contemplate what this warmonger thinks. Interesting it didn't come from the
Onion. Limited nuclear engagement is planet friendly? Rebranding war lite (tm). Next he'll come up
with humane bunker busters. Or happy missiles.

US President Joe Biden also pledged in April to “spend billions of dollars” to make every vehicle in the US military “climate friendly.” He was roundly mocked by conservatives for this suggestion.

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Ghislane wishes she could be there widja! Sentencing disappoint her lawyers, they will appeal. Good damn luck with that!

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