Dazed and Confused About Identity Politics

Is Bernie guilty of being a proponent and practitioner of Identity Politics? Bernie. The guy who gets roundly reamed for emphasizing class (even while taking into account issues of intersectionality). Bernie. The guy who gets accused of being mean to women, criticized for not having enough minority support, admonished for not being attuned enough to the struggles of the LGBT community. When he or supporters respond to these complaints, is that practicing and advocating identity politics? I don't think so. Here's a Katie Halper video:

To say the least, it's irritating when folks make accusations without backing up their claims with any evidence or offering any alternatives which then might be subject to criticism. Especially when many Berners see this battle as tantamount to the Battle of Stalingrad - and rightly so as I've argued given the remaining window of temporal opportunity we have to at least delay climate catastrophe. Not to mention, that real medicare for all, not the watered down varieties that have emerged, is a matter of life and death for many.

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I think this constant stream of pejorative "news" shows the extent to which the MSM and TPTB fear Bernie. They are really ramping up their smears this time around.

I noticed during the last debate that the lighting on Bernie made him look redder than the other candidates. Sure enough, CNN is pulling the same kind of juvenille garbage with it's continuing coverage of Bernie:

This is actually how he looks and how he's sounding and moving around:

In any event, when Bernie goes full goblin zombie for the next debate, he will announce his new platform in which he calls upon us to "Eat the Rich!"

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as it affects the 2020 Dem race: "Elizabeth Warren and the Weaponization of Identity Politics"

The author, Danny Haiphong, is smart and solid despite a clear ideological bent (strong socialist) and the website is a nice example of independent political reporting. I give thanks. https://ahtribune.com/

A few short, truncated excerpts ...

Elizabeth Warren is the just latest Democratic Party politician to benefit from the weaponization of identity politics against Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton promoted her identity as a woman to voters and touted the slogan “I’m with Her” on the 2016 campaign trail. It didn’t matter that WikiLeaks revealed a litany of crimes on Hillary Clinton’s record, including the theft of the primary from Sanders and the hundreds of thousands of dollars she collected in speeches to Wall Street. It also didn’t matter that Clinton admitted to holding “public and private” positions over email or that her political record is rife with favors to the rich and powerful. The weaponization of identity politics helped conjure the image that Clinton deserved political success because she was a woman, principles and politics notwithstanding.

That Warren is now the beneficiary of weaponized identity politics is nothing short of ironic...

... read on ...

Sanders is widely supported among Black voters, women voters, and voters from lower income and lower educated backgrounds. Warren, on the other hand, possesses a very white, upper class base. The weaponization of identity politics masks these facts and helps Warren retain an illusory identity as the female counterpart to Bernie Sanders.

Calling Sanders supporters sexist because they fail to support Warren ignores the real differences between the two candidates.

... read on, it's a f'ing good article ...


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Excellent article. Thanks!

Briahna Joy Gray, the National Press Secretary for Bernie's campaign (anyone feeling that Bernie should have released to the press information about his health condition within five minutes of his diagnosis may contact her), has also written some really good trendsetting stuff on IdPol, including:

"How Identity Became a Weapon Against the Left"

Racism May Have Gotten Us Into This Mess, But Identity Politics Can’t Get Us Out"

Here she is speaking at Harvard:

BTW, she voted for Jill Stein (and she has taken heat for it as has Bernie for hiring her).

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