College Football’s Great Defender Has Covid-19

"College sports continuing this season always seemed like an dubious prospect to people actually concerned about a virus that has claimed so many lives."

Unlike professional basketball where players could be put in a bubble, or professional football where they could easily quarantine, college athletes would have more freedom, and college students – even if not allowed in the stadium, even if not allowed in their damn classes – would congregate to socialize, party, and feign normalcy in abnormal times. Sure enough, the reopening of colleges and college sports has led to a greater spread of the virus. Yet these stories have largely flown under the sports media radar. After all, who cares about the students? They’re just fans who happen to take classes in between games. Players who have contracted the virus also have been disregarded by a sports media that prefers analyzing game film to calling out this obscene negligence.

Yet this latest story could not be ignored by anyone.-- D. Zirin

College Football’s Great Defender Has Covid-19

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I hope he recovers completely and quickly. I hate to see most people get this virus. It is the nastiest disease I know of.

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Neither Trevor Lawrence nor Dave Zirin are "College Football's Great Defenders."

but yeah, we need to take COVID-19 seriously. Mask up. Distance. Wash your hands.

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"The enemy is anybody who is going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on." Yossarian

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@Situational Lefty I simply let the essay's title speak for itself.

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Few are guilty, but all are responsible.”
― Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Prophets

According to Trevor Lawrence, he has no symptoms. He is an otherwise healthy young athlete--among those least at risk from the virus. He will in all probability be fine.

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@out of left field coaches, trainers, and water boys, locker room custodians, etc..., who are not necessarily young or fit, will be ok.

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@on the cusp if that is what you are most worried about, then we have no choice but to shut down football, and society as a whole, so that nobody else will get the virus. One little problem: the virus is already widespread in U.S. society, so locking everything down will not work.

People who are working as coaches, trainers, water boys, custodians--these are all able bodied people who are not likely to have the co-morbidities that are problematic if you catch the corona-virus. There is a certain sub-set of people that are vulnerable to the virus: they tend to be old (median age around 80), and have various other illnesses already. THOSE are the people who are most at risk from the virus. We need to do a better job of protecting them. Locking everybody else up does not make sense, and has a very destructive effect on society.

We are not facing the plague or the black death. We are dealing with a virus that over 99 percent of people who catch it recover from it. The all-cause-mortality, world-wide, is currently at normal levels. Locking society down is a completely disproportionate response and needs to stop.

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