Claudia Sutton (riverlover) Obituary

Some of you asked for a link to express condolences. It appears that her FB page and the link below are the only places available.

Claudia A. Sutton
1953 - 2018
Obituary / Condolences

claudia sutton 2.jpg

In one of the posts left on Facebook by her many friends, the memory and photo below were shared. Her avatar and words here and on Facebook were representations of who she was, but seeing her face helped me to see to a friend who always went out of her way to say hello and share a kind word.

Claudia and I were graduate students together in genetics at Cornell University in the 70's. We were very close and I have many great memories. This is a photo from September 1978. Her passing is tragic news and she will be sorely missed.



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It's nice to see her face and know who we have been interacting with these many years. Her voice here will be greatly missed. Give rose

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Thank you for posting this, (and to Janis last night on photo thread). Agree with RA, it is great to be able to attach a face to the name. Wonderful.

RIP Riverlover

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@dystopian I've been out of town the last week so it came as a shock. Like I commented earlier, I knew rl wasn't well, but had no idea it was that bad. I hope her passing was quick, painless, and peaceful. She was good people and I enjoyed her comments. I am the same age: 65. In better health, FWIW. Sympathies, condolences, and thoughts of peace to all who were close to her. A sad rec'd!! Sad

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She was only in her '60s.

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Her eyes still sparkled.
I was hoping to give her a ride up to the river this summer.
I knew she needed some help, and I have a cousin that owns a home right on the (St. Lawrence) river, a mile or so east of the Thousand Islands bridge crossing to Canada. I know she knew the river well, and would have felt "at home" at my cousin's spot on the river. Nuthin' like hopping on one of those jet skis and cruising the Islands! She will be missed.
Screenshot 2018-05-12_11-18-11.png

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Appreciate that you found this.

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I needed to put a face to her kind words.
RIP Claudia.

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I did not know. Thank you for posting this. Rest in peace, lovely, caring woman.

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I knew her a bit from the old DK days. She certainly made a contribution and was always at the forefront of intelligent, rational conversations.

Thanks for this remembrance, dkmich.

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Do you still post at dead state? I don't miss the place a bit.

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With a very few exceptions, the place has (largely) become a hotbed of conformity and conventional thinking. It is clear to me that Clintonism is passe, but the word hasn't quite gotten around to some people.

Once in a while, if someone posts a link here I'll check it out but there is not much reason to hop on there.

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her eyes sparkling and all opened up with curiosity. I have shed some tears after I heard from her death because of a short online exchange we had days before she died. I am glad to have seen this photo in comparison of one of her later days. I can imagine she having been a scientist. It speaks from her eyes. Thanks for the photo, dkmich. May she rest in peace.

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This is her dawg that I thought she said she had rescued. She spoke about his naughtiness many times right after she got him .


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I really like that photo of her. Now I'm sad again.

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This shit is bananas.

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Thankful we have a picture now, as well as words, to remember her by …

She had written of deepening health problems many times but I had not thought the flutterings of Death’s dark wings were so near.

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Riverlover's emotional and spiritual entanglement that so many feel, found a much greater reach in the world, simply by virtue of a new technology that popped into existence during her lifetime. The Internet allows all of us to wander forth and mingle with other wanderers in virtual space. It was happy circumstance and serendipity that brought Riverlover into this small electronic salon to share herself with us and form bonds. What is remarkable about this new "reach" that the internet has added to the human experience — of which we are all early pioneers — is that our subconscious mind is far less likely to tag it as "online encounter" than our Real World selves might do.

Our subconscious mind doesn't know or care about pixels, light, and novel technologies. What matters, what it notices, is when we are actively encountering and interacting with another soul — in a direct and personal way. The fact that we are actually alone, quietly staring at a machine and pressing buttons goes unnoticed. Even though the encounter is occurring only inside our own head, our subconscious mind is fully invested in our feelings about it and will read it as a real-time event. Thus, it records the encounter and the person among our real world experiences and tags it with our emotions and recollections. Upon this, it builds.

Seeing her perfect face completed our own sadness over the separation. Riverlover is entangled in our hearts and minds and even though we are all virtual to one another, she is held close in a quantum way. She lingers with us for now, in this spot in the River of Time. I've long suspected that there was something especially powerful about virtual encounters when there is also a bond established. The technology that made this possible is not even as old as one human lifespan, so this is difficult to measure, but I believe these bonds of the virtual kind have the power to evolve the species by concentrating wisdom. Wisdom is a very big deal because it can see across time. We need more of that.

Farewell, Riverlover. Thanks for the inspiration.

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@Pluto's Republic

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@Pluto's Republic Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

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@Pluto's Republic

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Lay down your weary tune

50 miles of elbow room

swimming on the other side

Wishing her the best in her journey...and in all our journeys.

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I knew she had a lot of health problems, but didn't expect this.

She always came by my OTs and shared what was going on in her daily life as well as her thoughts on our common life. I will miss her. She was one tough lady.

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My computer had (as it turns out temporarily) completely shut down some time ago; when my brother picked it up, he left me one with known problems that he thought might sorta work and which did eventually sorta work in some respects, (although also unable to sign in anywhere at all,) for short spasmodic periods to get on here one day, at least for a little before it quit, and was devastated to read of Riverlover's passing.

Somehow I'm not surprised to see in those photos one of the sweetest faces I think I've ever seen...

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