Another day, another Biden joke--you're laughing, America, aren't you?

Changing with the times. Yes. To prove one has neither ossified nor decomposed, one must exhibit some change as the process goes on. Like having hair turn white, or fall-out (or half-way fall out). There was a time when I liked Rock And Roll. I still do. there was a time when Richard J. Daley (King No Neck the First, of Chicago) was equivalent to Democratic Machine. And it was. Their was a time I was dubious about FDR and there is a time where I realize that we had the right man in the right job during WW@. No doubt FDR was probably partly to blame for the Japanese War and he did allow H. Ford and Freres to arm Adolf.

So, at one point I became a Dem. Both my parents were Dems, especially my mother. And my aunt was almost droopingly rabid. My mental model was not so much JFK, but actually FDR. He might have protected capitalism but fuck it, if he didn't, the war production colossus would never have existed.

America: love it or leave it? Well for some, maybe.
America: love it and improve it. That's for another lot.
America: what can you do for me. Unfortunately, too much of the latter.

So when I think of version 3 here, I think of guys like Joe Biden
You know me, Joe Biden
Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. of Delaware.

Yup. It's Senator/Vice-President/Ukranian regent You know, the thing, Biden.

So while JoJo still retains sufficient neurons and synapses to understand that he is being made a fool of. He doesn't care. The price is right. But Tara Reade is coming from a whole, different place. Not from Trump. Not from Berniecrats. Not from Buck rivals like CIA Buttyjigg.

Oh, shit, Joe. No one besides Commander Cheeto, has ever publicly inserted a shoe into one's mouth as much as you. Hark. I hear echoes uttered with august sincerity and manly respect for womanhood by one Bye Done. "The woman must be believed"! justly crowed Mr. Ex-Vice-President, current dement.

Whoopsie! Now that Tara's tale is told, the Dems are in full retreat. Wait. They pause for battle formation, ending their retreat: "We still Believe Joe". But "believe the woman" is now morphed into "listen to the woman, then verify the story". Not quite the same.

For those of you with good visual imagination, consider the following individuals dressed up as Jean d'Arc, in battle armor, astride a horse, hold the nation's pennant. Yes, Kirsten, I'm talking about you. Yeah, Liawatha, I'm talking about you. Yes, Tracey, I'm talking about you. Etc.

Commander Cheeto and his crafty men have conjured up a most wonderful attack ad against JoJo, the soon to be gone. The entire video by Jamarl Thomas is one of his best.

If I wrote the subtitle for the video, it would be Schadenfreude

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"Listen...then verify"

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using the Mo Jo Mika interview...

He goes on for about 30 min.

Joementia can't remember.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Mika: Mr Vice President, do you remember Barack Obama?
Joe: No, not at all! I have nothing to do with that woman.
Jill: Joe, that is the answer to the next question.
Joe: Got it. But still I don't know this Obama lady.

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