60 Minutes Report on MH17 is an OBSCENITY

I just watched the 60 Minutes report on MH17, and I suspect that my neighbors will have me institutionalized, as I have been screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs.

Scott Pelle began by informing us that Russia had started the civil war in Ukraine. In fact, it was triggered by a neo-Nazi engineered coup which had the implicit endorsement of our State Dept and luminaries such as John McCain. Yanukovich, who by common consent was corrupt (like most other Ukrainian political leaders before and since), had just reached an agreement with the EU that committed Ukraine to early elections in which Yanukovich would not run. This would have defused the Maidan crisis. So the next day, neo-Nazi militias stormed into Kiev government buildings, forcing Yanukovich's allies to flee for their lives. Rather than insisting that the recent agreement with the EU be honored, so as to preserve democracy in Ukrainian, Hillary's neocon appointee Victoria Nuland arranged for immediate recognition of the coup government by our State Dept, effectively cementing the coup in place. Hence, the MAJORITY of Ukrainians who had voted for Yanukovich - most notably Russophilic citizens in the east and in Crimea - found themselves suddenly disenfranchised. The coup parliament immediately passed a law ending the use of Russian (the primary language of about half of Ukrainians) as an official language. After neo-Nazi mobs perpetrated several mass murders of Ukrainian Russophiles, the Russophiles in the east rose in armed rebellion and established two new republics. Russia helped to provision the rebels with arms, but the Russian army DID NOT INVADE, contrary to MSM misrepresentations. (Nor did Russia invade Crimea, as troops were already stationed there in accordance with an agreement between Russia and Ukraine established at the time of their separation.)

Yet Pelle tells us that the Russia was responsible for this conflict.

Naturally, the 60 Minutes report interviewed the Deep State confabulator-in-chief Eliot Higgins as an authoritative source on the MH17 tragedy, and described the impending prosecution of various Russians, who we are supposed to believe trundled a BUK missile into Ukraine for no discernible reason (the Donbas rebels have Manpad surface-to-air missile sufficient to shoot down low-flying Ukrainian jets attacking them), used it to shoot down MH17 (flying at over 30K feet), and then immediately returned to Russia. Higgins, who also helpfully has confabulated "technical analyses" pointing to Assad as the perpetrator of gassings in Douma and Khan Sheikhoun, and fingering Russians as the perpetrators of the Skripal assassination attempt (he's the go-to guy whenever the Deep State needs to falsely incriminate Russia or its allies), has helpfully compiled various photos and videos available on the internet which he uses to "confirm" his Rube Goldberg account of MH17s demise.

A few of the minor details which the CBS story failed to convey:

Russia has provided documentation demonstrating that the BUK missile which Dutch investigators conclude was responsible for shooting down the plane, was in the possession of the Ukrainian government when Ukraine separated from Russia.

The video which, according to CBS, depicts a rebel commander taking credit for the shootdown - released by Ukrainian intelligence within a few hours after the tragedy - has been demonstrated conclusively to be a forgery, as it was shot A DAY BEFORE MH17's shoot down. How interesting that, within literally hours, Ukrainian intelligence published fraudulent doctored evidence pointing to Russian rebels as responsible.

60 Minutes also failed to mention that, for no reason which they yet have divulged, Ukrainian air traffic control chose to divert the course of MH17 directly over the site of the Ukrainian conflict, for the first time ever - and right over the position of the rebel commander subsequently falsely incriminated by Ukranian intelligence as taking credit for the downing.

After wrestling with this issue for several years, my somewhat reluctant conclusion is that elements of the Ukrainian military - quite possibly the Azov battalion financed the the Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky - SHOT DOWN MH17 INTENTIONALLY AS A FALSE FLAG - to catalyze the implementation of sanctions against Russia. And indeed the US and its allies immediately blamed Russia - without bothering to present any evidence - and implemented the desired sanctions.

At this point, the question in my mind is whether the Obama adminstration PRE-APPROVED THIS OPERATION to achieve the sanctions it wanted. Journalist Eric Zuesse believes that it did - whereas I remain agnostic on this issue. Of course, given that the Obama administration was cool with the utter destruction of Libya and Syria on wholly fraudulent grounds, and that its Deep State most likely arranged the murder of Seth Rich, maybe I am being a real softy in failing to accept Zuesse's interpretation.

Here is my most recent essay on MH17:


The 60 Minutes report devoted at least half of its time to interviewing Dutch citizens whose relatives were slaughtered on MH17. They demanded justice. I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THEM AS WELL.

As far as I am concerned, Scott Pelle and others at 60 Minutes who concocted this obscene travesty should be considered accomplices-after-the-fact to this horrific murder, as they are shielding the true perpetrators from justice.

But the 60 Minutes interview of Bernie wasn't that bad.

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Although I am not surprised at the misleading nature of the CBS program, I share your anger. The US national news media, including the corporate media, NPR and PBS, have become propaganda arms of the neoliberal establishment. A lot of viewers will believe this crap since they have never been exposed to anything that contradicts that narrative the msm are selling.

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was in NO way related to the publication of the WaPo Russia election meddling smear against Bernie on Friday.

Purely coincidental, I'm sure.

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The current working assumption appears to be that our Shroedinger's Cat system is still alive. But what if we all suspect it's not, and the real problem is we just can't bring ourselves to open the box?

Russia had lots of evidence, radar, taped radio conversations and the USSR manufactured all of the BUK missiles of that era. Since the only two possibilities were that the Ukraine army did it or Russia provided the missiles to the Separatists, you would think that either both Russia and Ukraine would have been on the official investigation or neither. This was
clearly a hatchet job. Russia found the serial number of the missile at the crash site and traced it to a Ukraine owned SAM. No such generation missiles exist in Russia today. The manufacturer of the missile did an on-ground simulation of the explosion using a real retired passenger jet and a real warhead and concluded that the trajectory originated from Ukrainian held territory.

This was so obviously a false flag. But any Western news team can put together a negative story about Russia and get millions of heads nodding yes. There is no justice for Russia from the West and she had better get used to it and stop being so naive. There is the feeling within Russia that they and the US will be agreeable associates at some time. It's only logical since we have a strong alignment of interests. But this will be a very long time out. In the meanwhile the US had budgeted more than a trillion dollars to upgrade their nuclear warheads. We must have a death wish.

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Capitalism has always been the rule of the people by the oligarchs. You only have two choices, eliminate them or restrict their power.

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CBS would broadcast a show every couple of years debunking the JFK assassination. Fifty years of lies. Propaganda.

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a international embarrassment because it was witnessed by multiple international reporters, was wiped out of the headlines when MH17 occurred less than 24 hours later?

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Lordy, lordy, WHY?

I assume they also made no mention of the fossil fuel sources in eastern Ukraine.

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Prime Minister Mahathir nor this retired German Air Force general are buying the BS, either.

The latter (who compiled his own 50+ page report on the incident) says flatly that the attack was likely conducted by the Ukrainian government - and he calls out John Kerry in particular for his lying BS.

Had no idea until watching the German interview (speaking of concocted stories) that Bellingcat was heavily involved in all this - sounds like their narrative is pretty much what was
adopted as the JIT official version of events.

Talk about your toxic, mutant swamp creatures - Bellingcat is hard to beat when it comes to disinformation...

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