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    Every person gets to choose what sort of community they find reasonable and amenable. I got accused of being a DKOS plant and left the site for a while as well as stopping my subscription. My reasons for that are my own and were you to belittle that which you didn't understand you'd be EXACTLY like the crowd over on DKOS.

    To this case, if someone feels that the fight against rape culture is an important one and this site isn't on board then they really might want to spend their time elsewhere where their primary focus and those of the rest of the community are better aligned. If you wanted to more profitably investigate that you'd be asking that question, "Why on earth would you think the preponderance of this site isn't on board?"

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    Indeed, the case that this repeated drumbeat of sex scandals exists to draw the attention of the 99% away from demanding the changes we need is a strong one.

    That is obvious on the face of it but so what? As much as I fully recognize neoliberalism and the oligarchy as the #1 problem of our times, I see no reason to put this particular bit of barbarity aside. If now is a moment when, for whatever reasons, we can actually make some headway on rape culture then I'm getting in that boat and rowing.

    I can walk & chew gum at the same time.

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    Is that no, you don't need to keep your hands to yourself. And yes, you can objectify a woman if you want. In fact, my wife happens to really like me pawing her and looking at her as a sex object. Aside from all the other heinous bullshit surrounding this sort of crime, a part of me wants to say, "Go earn it buddy. It isn't that hard you lazy bastard."

    Still though, the part that interests me more than any individual aspect of this case or even the media's role and the establishment's drives is why we, as a society, condone this particular form of barbarism.

    Thanks CSTS for that question.

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    Or the type of people seeking power over others for power's sake are fucked to start with?

    People aren't supposed to 'have power' over others in order to use or otherwise abuse them abuse them in a democracy; public offices have been empowered in order to protect and serve the public interest so that predators and abusers are curtailed by public-protective law.

    And instead 'right-wing' American politicians are publicly fighting for 'the right' of corporations and those powerful because of wealth and pathology to defraud and otherwise steal rights, money, property and any chance of a healthy life and future from everyone else, while many 'left-wing' politicians prefer to do this more from the shadows. This 'legalizing' of pathology affects the level of predatory behaviour at all levels, including sexual.

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    and right on the mark.
    You have to accept the trash talk to find out where Smokey hides.
    Thanks TBU.

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    Been cooking since last evening, about four hours to go before dinner. Son and I soaking up this time, so good to have a 35-year-old bringing his experiences and thoughts to the conversation.

    Hugs and love to all in this beautiful online family!

    And thanks, SOE, for this good thread.

    Happy Day!


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    the degree to which this generation will self-segregate. It used to be that people across the ideological spectrum had to learn ways to tolerate and deal with each other, and differing points of view, now it seems that if someone experiences disagreement in even the smallest, most hair-splitting way, some will simply take their ball and go home.

    The internet has thousands of little echo chambers where everyone agrees about everything, what it needs is more town squares, where all positions can be heard.

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    Only the DUMMICRATIC party would use a term like this to insult a important block of voters who has bankrolled and turned out for them for years.Im talking about organized labor or UNIONS!There isnt anything more insulting to a person who has busted their ass,broken their bodies laboring at hard work in all types of terrible worksites to be called privileged.
    I wish I could take some of these assholes that use this term and make them work in 110 degree heat in the hot Nevada sun for a summer or climb on a elevator that takes you a mile down in a coal mine to labor like a mule loading coal,Or spend the day in a packinghouse lugging beef.This IS HARD DIRTY WORK that shortens life for those who do it.These people are not PRIVILEGED!They EARN what they get!There aint nobody giving them ANYTHING!If they dont go to work their familys dont eat NOBODY says hey your white were going to just give you a salary.
    This term WHITE PRIVILEGE might pertain to the NEW 1% Democrats that have never put in a day of work in their life and have too much time on their hands to think up ways to destroy the middle class.GO AHEAD CALL A IRONWORKER PRIVILEGED AND YOU WILL BE PICKING UP YOUR TEETH!

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    of an open community. Noses get bloodied, but that that needs aired out gets a good going over.

    It would be easier on the management to control the narrative, but frankly, that ain't us. There are tons of sites that will offer you a one-sided prospectus, they're easy to find. Sites that let you speak your mind are rare, and growing rarer by the day.

    My decision to not front page any more essays about the discussion that is the object of this essay is in attempt to be fair to both sides of the issue. I do not want to show bias one way or the other. Noses can continue to be bloodied on the Community Content page.

    C99p will survive and be stronger for it.

    Thanks TB&U

    PS: Oh yeah, and "stop the fucking wars", right on, brother.

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    @Big Al every day if you start out Dumb enough, and we All start out that way.
    When I disagree with someone, I Try not to do so Blindly.
    Am I always successful? No.
    The same in agreeing with someone.
    My problem(What? Only one?) is that the Staple set of Writers on this site give me so much more to think about and have linked to so many Other sites for additional information that often times it’s a little overwhelming to keep up.
    Simply put, a broader perspective helps, and shutting down doesn’t.

    Stop These Fucking Wars


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    @earthling1 I once saw a woman in niqab sitting on a blanket on the grass, and not 5 meters away a German woman was sunbathing buck naked. It would have made a great photograph, but of course taking one would have offended them both.

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    @Cant Stop the Macedonian Signal

    This is the conundrum that everybody of good will faces now that the establishment has decided to grab our various fights for justice and use them as its personal playtoys.


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    @Cant Stop the Macedonian Signal

    Who, as I understand it, actually "dissolves" into caterpillar juice (for want of a more scientific term) inside the cocoon before becoming a butterfly. So, in its way, it does "die", but I like to think of it more as a transformation.

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    @Cant Stop the Macedonian Signal

    I'm still in the brewing stage of my own brand of coffee. Have decided that until I actually make the coffee, I'll die trying. My feelings fluctuate, of course, but when I work at keeping myself in a high life condition, my heart knows I must find a path to create value out of what was given and taken away from me.

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    Just when you think you know everything, you realize you don't know didly. One good thing about human life is every day is a new day and an opportunity to get it right.

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    attempt at conflating the dubious claims of children's "faulty" recollections of abuse at a day care center to that of women coming out against being objectified, harassed, and tongued by grown men.

    Edited to add the word dubious to the claims children had faulty recollections.

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    @Cant Stop the Macedonian Signal @Cant Stop the Macedonian Signal Taking what your have, growing and creating an environment others can benefit. Did not require dying.

    "It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it. " Luke 13:19

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    Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to find, not being able to face any more War On The World facts at the moment.

    In answer, perhaps this says it best:

    Muse - Invincible (lyrics)

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    maybe someone can explain it to me.
    War for the sake of war, war for a Prince to consolidate his power, El Trumpo swearing on the Glowing Orb of Doom to go to war with his Wahabi brothers (did he have any idea what he was doing?), endless war to line the pockets of the MIC, Shiite vs. Sunni, etc. etc. Sure.
    But why genocide? Why what is clearly becoming a war of extermination? This isn't about control of people or territory, this is about depopulation. Do the Saudis plan on relocating their people to Yemen? Is there fresh water and food production to be seized, and they don't want to waste it on the natives? Or is there some other reason for extermination?

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    @Not Henry Kissinger

    Some types of (propaganda) trolling do provide an opportunity to explode disinformation with fact which may be illuminating to drive-by readers, which may be helpful to the latter.

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    My compost pile is 8' x 8' and I keep it loosely covered during rainy season. Kitchen scraps go into an old blender, where they are mixed with everything including coffee grounds and flung into the garden.
    I've been incorporating bio-char into the garden to capture co2 and I'm slowly moving to a "no-til" method of cultivation.
    I've become very protective of my organic garden and what goes into it. I don't use the debris from the rain gutters or leaves from curbside as they may be contaminated with nasty chemicals.
    Hope you have a great holiday as I do everybody here at c99%.

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    To the Retailers making people work for no overtime today:

    And to the assholes who shop on Thanksgiving, whose mis-spent dollars drive all of this:

    "You're all cucked, so fuck you all!"


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    I wouldn't think that pointing out facts which must be taken into account was meant, just that discouragement as a tool used against citizens is a strategy (among many others) which must also be taken into account.

    And that it's better to go down fighting than to passively await whatever fate is meted out by self-appointed rulers.

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    In the 90's the high tech company I worked at required everybody in the company take diversity/harassment training. Class was pretty clear about what constituted sexual harassment. And yes, female harassers were statistically insignificant.

    So in the case of Charlie Rose, didn't CBS have classes and training on sexual harassment? I bet they did but the media stars were not required to attend.

    But here is a major point. Women driven HR departments have for decades now been fighting against sexual harassment in the work place. But suddenly, with the laying low of powerful men, that will be the catalyst for stopping harassment in the work place. Change can only happen if it is upper class driven. I would argue that it was the work of feminists in the trenches that allowed for women to come forward. And given many women the consciousness over power abuse.

    And the issue of class privileged extends to women like Hillary who willfully enabled their male class comrades.