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    @karl pearson

    saw his ads, my husband and I wondered if he was a Dem. It doesn't do to acknowledge being a Dem in such a red district. I mean, they elected Price for dog's sake!

    That's the Democrat Party, pouring money down a rat hole! They pretend that this is fighting when it's obvious that it's just kabuki.

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    @Steven D

    outside (way outside) the 2004 Democratic National convention, in Boston, MA. It was underneath elevated subway tracks a couple of blocks from the convention center and it looked very much like a cage or pen.

    When someone pointed it out to me, I was could not believe my eyes.

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    @Outsourcing Is Treason

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    Haven't you learned by now that free speech isn't really free?

    Only those with money (or those paid with money to express the opinions of said money) are entitled to First amendment protections.

    The rest of us can go huddle in our little free speech zones (the ones conveniently ignored by the "persons" with the money) and shout as loudly as we want. At least until they decide even that isn't permissible.

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    Sniff. Sniff. SNIFF. Yeah that's what I smell. Who bribed or threatened Bernie this time? Doesn't matter. He is doing a great Hillary 2.0....So much for a third party led by him in 2020.

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    @Big Al

    Speaking first for myself, I'm deep in a mode of a self-imposed, almost a complete blackout, of following the "news." All of us here are some hybrid of political junkie/radical/activist, with all of them having been applied to me at one point or another. But personally right now for me, when and if I do turn on the local progressive radio or check out YouTube subscriptions, if it's all Trump all day, I have no interest and will turn it right off.

    Thing is, everybody is dealing with this malaise in different ways. Folks like dallasdoc and Phoebe have mentioned that they've been taking a break from news and being online also. I've heard activists suggest that when another feels himself burning it is highly recommended to take a step back and recharge. We're in it for the long haul, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I think the perception that there are less people here now, and that may be true, is not because folks are going back to the Pestilent Neoliberal Cesspool, but because folks are either burnt out or so completely turned off to media circus that is infecting the populace with a monomania for fear.

    Let's face it, this epoch we're in is intense. Think of it:

    We just got through the most insufferable, tawdry and hideous election ever. Two of the worst, most loathed candidates propped up, by a colluding media desperate for ratings and a conspiring cabal of party insiders on the other side, presented to the country as the best we've got in the World's Greatest Democracy™. No one is buying that, even as the media is embarrassing themselves with the reddest herring of blaming Russia non-stop for the current situation.

    And that leads to heavy fundamental, existential questions about the credibility of government. I see it as folks on both sides having a nervous breakdown as expectations and hopes attached to a paternalistic, beholden system are failing fast in front of all of our eyes.

    As for C99, I think we're in good shape, established already as a truly progressive forum of open discussion with lots of bright, discerning folks who really get it and aren't fooled by relentless propaganda.

    The most recent member of our place had this to say about himself:


    Lifelong Democrat, culminating as precinct chair in Charlotte NC for several years ... until the Clinton and Obama regimes cured me of my delusion that today's "Democratic" party bears any resemblance to the party of FDR of LBJ. I retired from my IT job in a Charlotte TBTF bank in 2010 and have since resided in Italy, helping to look after my now 90-year-old mother-in-law. I am glad that, having no US residence, I was unable to vote in the 2016 US presidential election.

    Daily Kos Username: DailyKoS is dead to me. ask me about

    I'll take a place with comrades like him any day, over any other place online.

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    When DWS resigned the DNC chair in disgrace after proof appeared that she cheated on behalf of Clinton, Clinton herself needed to abandon her fatally tainted candidacy and give the nomination to Bernie.

    Instead, she invented the "Russian hackers" lie and proclaimed that this somehow magically shielded her from all accountability.

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    I forgot his last name when he came out gung-ho supporting Shrillary.

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    @Big Al
    I went through a time of feeling like I should find a different place to hang out. For me it wasn't because of anti Democratic Party sentiment, which I share. It was because of the surprising number of pro Trump advocates. I really can't stomach Trump, and it gets tiresome and frustrating reading people defending him. It's not something I want to expend energy arguing about, but I find myself doing it anyway. Then I think, why am I doing this? Round and round we go. I honestly didn't expect that here; I figured that it was one thing during the election- he's better than Clinton was a fair argument. But once the election ended and he became the winner, I figured we would turn to other topics as well as come together in opposition to his right wing agenda. Instead, it seems like for many people it's still important to defend him, for some reason. And a few people here seem to seriously support him. I have a hard time with that.

    But when I look back at DKos, which I do once in a while out of curiosity, I'm absolutely appalled at that place. They are still a Clinton rah-rah club and attacks on Bernie and his supporters are rampant. Can't go back there. But I did see quite a few names active there again who left here. I know at least two who went back there because of perceived sexism here.

    Others were here for awhile as Bernie supporters during the primary, but appear to have drank the Clinton kool-aid and are toeing the Democratic Party line now. For some it might just be the relative small size of the readership and activity here. I checked out the progressive wing, lieper destin's blog, and it seems busy and pretty cool but for whatever reason it just didn't click with me. Reddit, I lasted maybe a month on there. Blech.

    I still like this place best and feel more committed to it again now. FYI, Big Al, you are one of my favorite voices here now and your essays are a big reason to keep coming back. And I can honestly say I've changed my mind and my thinking on several issues as a direct result of your work and persistence. Thank you.

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    @riverlover .

    "Last year the Beagle won. Everybody loves Beagles. Our political consultants say we should have nothing but Beagles in there and start a breeding program to create more Beagles.

    They are easy to groom too..."

    Seriously. Race Horses have to do some winning or they're not race horses, they're glue.

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    and safe from whom? We need safety from those who are striping away our privacy.

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    So long overdue, decriminalizing weed is.

    To me personally, Resiliency is more about finding, always seeking to improve and abiding a philosophy that dignifies one's existence, a way to stay humane and sane while forced to contend with the overwhelming onslaught of crass commercialism, greed, and the commodification of life in a capitalist society.

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    Wish I had more of a propensity for it. We have a window sill garden in which I can grab fresh rosemary to cook with, and have a small shared lot on a community garden. But it's like anything I suppose, when you're around good and passionate folks who enjoy what they do you pick up things and assimilate them.

    At the very least for me I want to introduce to my infant boy, and make concerted effort to do already, to the relationship between raw food, cooking and eating, by having him handle fruit and vegetables of all different sizes, textures and smells, and then bring him into the process of cooking and making food, which I explain to him at each step.

    It's still incredible to me that more folks aren't demanding a full transition to wind and solar power. Can't beat the long-term savings in costs and environment preservation than with renewable, sustainable energy. Another example of how propaganda dupes the average person to line up against his own economic interests. Solar power seems to be making real inroads though. Every time I travel around the tri-state area, NJ especially, seem to notice more and more what appears to be solar panels attached to lights on the side of the road.

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    but on a lighter note

    Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and Paul Ryan discuss Trumpcare proposal with the House GOP Freedom Caucus led by Jerry Jordan and Rand Paul.

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    For those of us in anything remotely like single-family housing in the burbs, I am talking up (slowly) cooperative sharing of big tools within a neighborhood. Like lawn mowers (kid pushing would be appreciated by some of us). Chainsaws, same deal. Roto-tillers, same. No need to have every house equipped if it can be done co-op with trust that tools come back unbroken. Also harvest sharing. No need to grow exactly the same thing as your neighbor (except in crop-fail, I had a biggie last year due to drought). Grow different fruits. I got persimmons from a neighbor! I am starting paw paws and honeyberry. Beyond my time here? don't know. Also nut trees.

    It's just starting, with spring greenup within a few weeks. Learn bartering. Learn a skill, like maple syrup. Even grapevine sculptures. Anything that might have value to others.

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    @eyo I think we need to remind ourselves why we do it, which for most of us it's because we care. We want things to change so we follow what's happening, talk about it, etc. Hang in there eyo, and have a good day.

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    Let us know how the consulate interview went. Would be curious to know if the Embassy is experiencing an uptick in such interest.

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    @Big Al I don't know if or why other people seem to have "left", maybe it is just spring and there are way better things to do. The vibe for me is to go elsewhere too, doesn't feel helpful to illustrate the fear lurking people's minds.

    What's the point? LOL with me trying to save eight dollars a month on streaming, to eat one and half more heads of broccoli? A month. BMI 18.5 and dropping, even I know how pathetic I sound. Doesn't help there is a whole industry built around how to avoid "toxic" people (like me I guess), what kind of psychology is that? Never mind. I mean go back to lurking forums and STFU, instead of participating. That is what GBCW means to me, it is virtual not literal.

    Peace & Love

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    @Raggedy Ann

    Seems you've got a better handle than most with hands-on, self-reliant resilience in practice. Sounds amazing what you're doing. A garlic farm? That's a dream.

    Can't believe the garlic there in NM supermarkets is also coming from China. What gives with that? Makes me lament the absence of real investigative journalism to find out what's behind it.

    Now that you've got me thinking, I'd also like to see some reporter dig into all commercial and residential properties in NYC to find out who the owners are and, if they are monopolies, how they made their money, as we seen a decade-plus of both vacant storefronts and gleaming new banks/franchises occupy the most choice real estate and rental prices go through the roof.

    Maybe that's a project for citizen journalism: exposing the concentrated wealth rot of American society by naming the names of the Economic Terrorists and going after them with the zeal law enforcement goes after black and brown kids for "loitering" while eating potato chips on the sidewalk in front of their grandmother's apartments.

    Gerrit was a powerhouse, full of a wide range of knowledge and information. Hope he returns. Resilience seems more important than ever.

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    @Big Al and voted for Stein, I have no dog in this hunt, specifically. So yes, Limbo-land. I observe and make seditious comments on FB. No return to the unfriendly Democrats. Sure as hell not turning Republican. Trump is a disaster, I claim no fault.

    I need to file an extension on income taxes, I can't think well due to pain. And know that.

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    Simply in Season,

    Simple. Local. Sustainable. Faithful.

    Carry the simple gifts of garden, farm, and market to your table with the original seasonal cookbook. This 10th anniversary edition of Simply in Season serves up more than three hundred tried-and-true recipes organized by season, an expanded fruit and vegetable guide, stories and preparation tips, serving suggestions, gluten-free and vegetarian recipes, an adaptation guide, seasonal menus, and colorful photographs of over 30 mouthwatering seasonal dishes.

    My copy was gifted from the local farmers I traded with last year. There's a sticker inside with a toll free number for which appears now to be defunct, parked in AZ. Sad Oh well anyway, it has some great recipes based (loosely, depends where you are) on the four seasons. Interspersed are uplifting stories and quips, sort of religious theme but not too preachy. Maybe that is how Mennonites are, I don't know. Wait, now I do, thanks wiki:

    Over the years, Mennonites have become known as one of the historic peace churches because of their commitment to pacifism.

    "catch more flies with honey than vinegar"


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    @Alligator Ed

    In fairness, I never would have known about him and Nixon if he had not volunteered that info. And he did get a boatload of health care legislation passed.

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    feeding on the brains of the "I'm With Her" crowd.

    Luckily for us, they won't get much nourishment by doing that !!!

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    @on the cusp drop. I agree, there's nothing bringing people together, everything seems to be about pulling people apart, which has happened here somewhat. A small sample of what's happening everywhere.

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    @Big Al I, too, have noticed an exodus from here. Al, it is easy to be anti. We are all furious, maybe even scared about what is happening to the 99%.
    However, we want desperately to be "pro". Nothing is galvanizing us for or towards anything.