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    I bring this up to emphasize that all this covert terror stuff was going on long before 1967. The Phoenix Program was not the begining of terror; it was simply the rationalization of terror.

    Word of warning. The snip below is from a website with fractured English, a website that confusingly mixes quotes with commentary. So, I would double check these facts. But, they are highly likely to be valid.

    Nelson H. Brickham, Chief of Field Operations Section intelligence liaison, and authentic creator of Phoenix, was the man who launched the following projects within CORDS:

    - HIP ("Hamlet Informant Project"): The CIA and Special Branch (Vietnamese officials not operating as intelligence agents but as detectives) were engaged in recruiting informants throughout South Vietnam. The CIA informants paid only if the accused confessed that he was part of the Vietcong infrastructure (IVC).

    - PIC ("Province Interrogation Center"): The CIA abducted political leaders, students, trade unionists and journalists close to the communist ideologies and recruit PIC centers that were built torture chambers in all provinces of South Vietnam by the architectural firm specializing in the construction of bunkers and prisons "Pacific Architects & Enginners".

    - PVI ("Vietcong Infrastructure Penetrations"): The IVC was attacked putting pressure on family members or on their people. Once arrested a member of VC, was tortured until he gave the name of his people and their families. Once done, the members of the Special Division conducted a raid, the captured (most were usually women) and were raped in front of the detainee This program was directed personally by Brickham.

    Meanwhile, the head of the CIA station in Saigon, John Limond Hart, had its own covert action program, which was coordinated by his deputy, Tom Donahue. This program clashed often with that of Brickham, despite having much larger budget was less effective, partly because Hart used paramilitary Cubans from the Bay of Pigs, rather than South Vietnamese staff.

    To end this competition, Colby decided on arrival to unify all covert CIA operations programs in South Vietnam under the name of PHOENIX. It was necessary to unite the efforts of the CIA, the FAS of the U.S., South Vietnamese Special Branch, and the Central Intelligence Organization of Vietnam.

    The Phoenix program in its infancy was called ICEX ("Intelligence Coordination and Explotation"), and although it was under command of the army, it had its own chain of command, directed by William Colby himself.

    The first step by the CIA was the creation of the PRU ("Provincial Reconnaissance Units") paramilitary units comprising of volunteers South Vietnamese soldiers and Americans SEALS , whose mission was to attack the enemy in their territory, in rural areas.

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    So what? If Bernie ran in the general Trump would still be president and would have won the popular vote as well as the electoral college. Opposition to Trump would be splintered. The "left" would have been blamed for Hillary's defeat in ways that make the Nader explanation look mild. The last thing we need in the midst of Trump is a splintered Democratic Party.

    Bernie hasn't been able to build a statewide party in VT. The best the Progressive Party can do is work out a kind of truce with he Democrats. Prime directive: Democrats do not run against Bernie. (Sometimes someone gets on the ballot, but receives no party support. At one rally Bernie was on the stage with the Democratic candidates while the technical Democratic nominee was in the audience.) And the Progs get a few seats in the legislature.

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    @Dr. John Carpenter

    yep, i'm hoping that lots of folks read it. i may post it again sometime to increase the chances of folks seeing it.

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    Jesus on a pogo stick. How can we fight against this type of activity?

    i dunno, the stuff we've been doing hasn't been working so well lately.

    more pogo sticks? Smile

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    some of them i remember from reading or hearing them, sometimes i am stymied and google for quotes about a subject. the one upstairs came from the dnow interview with jeffrey sachs that i listened to today.

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    it's certainly not going anywhere that we want to be.

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    loving you back.

    it was a great show and he played that song.

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    some choices just shouldn't have to be made. i submit that it is a form of cruelty to force us to make the choice between trump and pence.

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    Desperate to keep the story alive that we are being destroyed by Russia, Democrats want Mark Zuckerberg to explain to us how the ads placed by Russians influenced us:

    Facebook to release Russia ads, beef up election 'integrity'
    Barbara Ortutay and Tom Lobianco, The Associated Press September 22, 2017

    NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is slowly acknowledging the outsized — if unintended — role it played in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

    Bowing to pressure from lawmakers and the public, the company said it will provide the contents of 3,000 ads bought by a Russian agency to congressional investigators, while also pledging to make political advertising on its platform more "transparent."

    … The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee have sought to bring Facebook executives before their committee for the past couple of weeks. But critics say Facebook should go further. They say the company should tell its users how they might have been influenced by outside meddlers.

    The nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, for instance, stressed again on Thursday that the company should make the ads public, "so that everyone can see the nature and extent of the use of Facebook accounts by Russia."...


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    @Pluto's Republic

    guilty as charged. Smile

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    if rajoy is trying as hard as he can to spark a physical confrontation.

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    looks like some of the xenophobic fellow travellers aren't down with the violence.

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    Glad to see the students are sticking up for these kids though.

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    @Amanda Matthews

    Can we agree upon their being lawless policeman?

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    it is going as planned by TPTB. The corporations (and CIA) rule supreme.

    The big winners of ACA were the insurance companies...who own many in congress. They don't want to get rid of the mandate nor the subsidies (which are paid to them after all). After next Friday it will take 60 senate votes and it really is over then.

    Chris Hedges pointed out some time ago that the over all plan is proceeding nicely....the corporate coup is complete. And the sheeple still think voting and politics matter. Boy are we naive.

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    I know what I lived through, and Mr. Burns is doctoring reality.

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    @Linda Wood

    It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Sad

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    I'm saying that McCain hates Trump's guts, and will spend what is left of his life stabbing Trump in the back.
    I don't think McCain will resign. He was just re-elected, he has five years left whether he is on the floor or in a hospital bed.
    While he can still show up to vote, he'll cause Trump as much trouble as he can. Once he can't make it to the floor his vote is gone, essentially a "no" on everything.

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    Every time Patton shows up I feel the urge... to vomit.

    The man was the worst kind of California asshole.

    The appropriate music would be:


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    Great Job, and now everybody will be talking about how McCain "saved" us and is SUCH a "Maverick",

    I really think this is what's happening here.

    Arizona Republicans -- in fact, Arizonans in general -- like their Maverick Senator. They want their Maverick Senator. If McCain doesn't defy the GOP here and there he risks being voted out of the Senate.

    So here's a place he can do just that, win votes and respect nationally, and keep his Senate job for a little longer.


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    This is yet another god damned fraud. There was likely no fuckin' job anyway.

    Why call someone to 'offer' a damn job when they want more than the person has?

    For those of us in IT, there's a bitter irony here.

    Chances are, your resume was belched up by a database fishing program, which found a certain number of matches to the template the employer supplied to it and therefore put your record in the queue.

    The winnowing out of virtually all real applicants anybody who doesn't fit all the demands is left to flesh-and-blood humans, despite the fact that a few more hours of coding would have enabled the fisher program to do that job too.

    Not fraud, amice. Stupidity. Cherished stupidity.

    And yet these "employment" places remain in business, which I don't understand.

    Fuck this shit.

    AMEN, brother!!


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    @Big Al
    can get five Libs to agree to anything. I'm on three or 4 "Bernie Boards," as well as one or 2 on FB. Hundreds of members on each board. Usually 3 or 4 Comments on each post. From hundreds of members. "Wink, we want a pony. We just don't want to work for one. That's what Bernie's for."
    Reality check, Bros: Bernie is 75. What's your excuse?

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    every now and then. Take some time off and find your center once again. We'll leave the lights on.

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    @detroitmechworks "Thank you, Senator" is already atop my FB feed, from a friend who otherwise would happily shit all over him.