Insanity is contagious.

How else can you explain europe's self demise?
I always look forward to Jorge Vilches for the Saker blog.

Now the Swiss Minister for the Environment proposes to “shower together”(sic) without clarifying with whom exactly.

True enough, I do know a couple of guys in my own building who would love to share their showers with the very nice-looking blonde lady in the 3rd floor, but I bet she would not approve the idea. Neither would I like to share my shower with my wife as she would demand far longer time for her own shampoo rinsing purposes, and that´s not fair, is it ? Now for night-time energy savings, distributing infra-red night-vision goggles to everyone would be truly effective, no?

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The stupid freezing “green” EUthanasia explained for beginners: NS1 is out because of sanctions. NS2 is out because of sheer European stupidity. Russia payed for and installed every single meter and associated equipment of the Baltic Sea pipeline NS2. Then, by US dictate (LNG $$$$) Germany did not commission NS2. So Russia diverted its nat-gas NS2 flow elsewhere. Now it is bloody late to revert that as almost no NS2 nat-gas is available for European delivery in the foreseeable future. And oil & gas cannot be printed, can they?

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It's even more insane than you thought. It was Angela Merkel who pushed for NS2 and talked Russia/Putin into agreeing to the project and splitting costs.

Financing Deal in Place for Nord Stream 2 Project
April 25, 2017

Nord Stream 2 AG has signed financing agreements for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with ENGIE, OMV, Shell, Uniper and Wintershall.

These five European energy companies have committed to provide long-term financing for 50 % of the total cost of the project, which is currently estimated to be €9.5 billion. Each European company will fund up to €950 million. Gazprom is and will remain the sole shareholder of the project company, Nord Stream 2 AG.

The financial commitment by the European companies underscores the Nord Stream 2 project’s strategic importance for the European gas market, contributing to competitiveness as well as medium and long-term energy security especially against the background of expected declining European production.

The 1,220-kilometer Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters a year, will provide a direct link between Russian gas reserves and European gas consumers from the coast of Russia via the Baltic Sea to Greifswald, Germany. Construction work will begin in 2018 and will be completed by the end of 2019.

Russia/Gazprom have actually recovered their costs due to high gas prices resulting from the cancellation of NS2. The EU companies, on the other hand, took a beating.

To make matter worse for Germany, cancelling NS2 makes it even more difficult (actually impossible) for the country to "go green" by switching to hydrogen as a substitute for the high energy output of natural gas to power their industrial needs. NS2 was designed to concurrently transfer hydrogen. Hydrogen is next to impossible to transfer any significant quantities by ship.

Germany – Bundestag Pursuing Talks with Russia on Hydrogen Supply Via Nord Stream 2
August 20, 2021

Germany – Bundestag pursuing talks with Russia on hydrogen supply via Nord Stream 2.
[TASS] Germany is going to need hydrogen that will possibly start being delivered from Russia via Nord Stream 2 in the future, in order to fulfill its energy goals, Chairman of the Bundestag’s Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy Klaus Ernst told TASS.

“Germany is currently searching for partners on hydrogen deliveries across the world. Sea transportation is very time-consuming and costly. Nord Stream 2 is a pipeline that could be re-equipped for transporting hydrogen.”

“Russia has enormous potential in producing green hydrogen that we will need to carry out energy reform. That is why it would be great to start speaking with Russia about future hydrogen supplies,” Ernst explained.

Without these high energy fuels, Germany (and other EU countries) will have to completely deindustrialize well before 2030 - Klaus Schwab's deadine for his WEF wet dream - "You will own nothing and be happy".

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@CB Russia has sold 50% else where of what it would have pumped through N2.

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or dismantled it. It could be turned on with the push of a switch as Putin has offered. But it will not be available for long. Russia has been working on the Power of Siberia Pipeline 2 that will ship their natural gas across Mongolia to China within 2 years. They are also planning pipelines to many other regions in the world.

Moscow says Power of Siberia 2 pipeline to China will 'replace' Nord Stream 2
15 Sept, 2022

Power of Siberia 2, something Moscow and Beijing have discussed for several years, will take the place of Nord Stream 2, said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Thursday.

Nordstream 2 is a proposed route for bringing Russian gas to Europe, particularly Germany. Construction of the controversial pipeline was completed in September 2021, though its certification was suspended following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking on Russian state television, Novak was asked if the Asian pipeline could replace its European counterpart within Russia's energy strategy -- to which he replied "yes".

Pipeline gas supplies to Pakistan are possible: Russia’s Putin
September 15, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that pipeline gas supplies to Pakistan were possible and part of the infrastructure was already in place, Russian state-owned new agency RIA reported.

“The prime minister reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to work closely with Russia to further expand and strengthen cooperation between the two countries across all areas of mutual benefit including food security, trade & investment, energy, defense and security,” a statement from Sharif’s office said.

The two sides agreed to convene the next meeting of the Inter-Governmental Commission (IGC) in Islamabad at an early date, it said.

The long-delayed gas pipeline vital to the south Asian country’s economy - the Pakistan Stream gas project, also known as the North-South gas pipeline - is to be built in collaboration with Russian companies.

The two countries agreed in 2015 to build a 1,100 km (683 mile)-long pipeline to deliver imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Karachi on the Arabian Sea coast to power plants in the northeastern province of Punjab.

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China and Pakistan seem to value contracts and infrastructure development.
EU-thanasia not so much. It is no wonder the Eastern nations do not trust the
compacts made with Western nations. The belligerent clowns in the west will
probably try to disrupt these pipelines with CIA operatives. Does not bode well
for global progress.

Read somewhere the receiving ports in Western Europe will not be functional for
a couple more years. Meanwhile their collective butts are in a bind.

Crazy. Who gave these pols orders to destroy their futures?

PS - CB: did you get my email?

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I have explored the site and linked and downloaded some pages. I have made a fairly good recovery. My special needs "accent" is much reduced as long as I don't try to speak too rapidly or get tired. My word selection is still problematic so it makes long worded, technical replies difficult. So I tend to cut n' paste in order to compensate.

I've spoken to others with aphasia who are much more affected than me so I am very fortunate my stroke was not as bad as it could have been. But the first week in the hospital was horrible. I could not communicate at all - just gibberish came out my mouth despite having no physical disabilities. I had lost the automatic reflexes in my jaw and tongue to properly form vowels and consonants - like a baby.

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It takes a lot of work to re-train the brain functions lost or diminished.
Hope the info works for you.

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@CB You,too. I've just spent about 10 days in the hospital after a bad fall which had my neighbor breaking in because the set of keys she had did not work against the chain. Local precinct needed to okay the break in.

They still don't know what happened to me although they did every head test they could think of. My head was bleeding and very sensitive. My knees and elbows were also in terrible shape. All improving daily.

My daughter---who is a nurse---- stayed in my home while I was hospitalized and spoke for me as I could not even understand simple questions, let alone answer them.

Back to you----Your recovery looks amazing from where I am sitting. Cutting and pasting? glad you are so healed. Wow.

It was noticeable to me as soon as reason returned a bit, that Americans have no clue as to what Putin is saying or how he (and I) understand what has happened since February 24.

The propaganda has been so effective that American Idiots have no defenses left. Nothing I hear on tv is intelligent or informed. No wonder I've avoided it for so many years.

Now I need the voices if not the content they provide.

I hope folks here report on every move Putin makes. So far I have managed to work my computer well enough to read The Saker, MOA and Reminiscence of the Future. Very comforting.

Done for today. Bye, y'all

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they are just cute. And your word selection is superb, I understand them all, in my wildest dreams.

Heal and don't give up. Thinking that I do not ujnderstand anythimg anyhow, I can as well pretend I do.

Thank you very much for your latest artistic comments to me. I love them.

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@QMS A drive by pundit (who seems to reliable) stated that EU companies are moving operations to the US shutting down local factories over high energy prices. Thanks EU we need the jobs.

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The power of mass propaganda I suppose. Europeans willing to suffer grievously, even fatally to punish the Russian Demon. There must be or have been experts in the development of mass psychology to explain why whole cultures are deliberately self destructing, or engaging in destructive mass hysteria (I am think of the first Peoples Crusade as a starter.)

Edit: Insightful thought by Michael Tracy as the Ukraine crisis is now a world religious one.

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