Nato to expand "high readiness" troops from to 300K from 40K

High readiness means fully equipped and ready to fly anywhere on a moments notice. Many troops will be pre positioned and equipment stored close to Nato's eastern side. The Baltics are considered especially vulnerable to Russian aggression.

The invasion of Ukraine, and the way in which Russia has prosecuted it's war by purposely killing and terrorizing civilians has been a huge encouragement for all of Europe to join together in self defence.

300,000 troops all equipped with the most modern aircraft, armor, etc. would more than likely be enough to deter Russia from further invasions.

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@dystopian I don't do CT, you just need to get over that. I use the AP and Reuters. Both of those sites do not do opinion, on anything. They report factual information, which is a great place to begin any discussion. I'm sure everyone here is a great person using the most factual sources etc. blah blah blah, but I've no time nor the inclination to go looking at weird CT web sites nor Russian propaganda.

Use AP, or Reuters, or even any news source that scores high on measures of veracity. If the source is so obscure as to not even be rated, too bad, I don't go there. No time.

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Maybe there should be a sign outside the house with a list of animals who ARE welcome to come in.

Maybe on the Front Page?

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we mustelids can't take a day off ever. Y'all Just Cool It!!

This looks like MAGA GOP vs HillDems. Neither side will convince the other of anything. Neither side will change their views on anything. The more this goes on, the more people start pushing the envelope, accusing each other and on occasion the site of assorted things and some of those accusations (and associated insinuations) are most uncool.

Since it is guaranteed that nobody will be changing their minds you ought to seriously consider discussing baseball or pro soccer or religion. I really don't wish to even try to referee this shit so I'd really appreciate it if each participant would go spend 5 minutes in the penalty box contemplating just what this thread has accomplished and what it is likely that its continuation will accomplish and whether it will be the end of civilization as we know it if everybody just agreed to disagree and went off and played tic-tac-toe or sudoku or downloaded Duolingo and started learning urdu, ok?

be well and have a good one

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@enhydra lutris

it inevitably seems to end up like this:


Would that it were not so...

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