Saturday night lounge party

Just a follow-up to a post on some thread this week. Thinking of starting a continuous lounge type thread on Saturday nights. Make up for the hole Mr. Shickspack leaves by taking a well deserved weekend off. Normally, Lookout's Sunday weekly watch thread can last all day and into the night, as there is so much to chew on.

The idea is to make a perpetual thread, bringing in the previous posts, then adding to it in the next addition. Probably won't make the front page, but in community context, it may make sense. We have a treasure trove of brilliant minds working here. Creating a space to discuss, splice and dice, ideas in perpetuity may work.

Any ideas?


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...I like hanging out in the lounge...
The Lounge Lizards - The Lounge Lizards(1981)(Jazz)(Avant Garde)(No Wave)NoteWorthy!!

An obscure No Wave group of the early-80's
Members :
Bass – Steve Piccolo
Design – Peter Saville
Drums – Anton Fier
Engineer – Frank Laico, Ted Brosman*
Guitar – Arto Lindsay
Keyboards – Evan Lurie
Mastered By – Gc*
Mixed By – Don Puluse
Photography By – Fran Pelzman
Producer – Teo Macero
Recorded By – Teo Macero
Saxophone – John Lurie

00:00 - Incident On South Street
03:21 - Harlem Nocturne
05:24 - Do The Wrong Thing
08:02 - Au Contraire Arto
11:25 - Well You Needn't
13:19 - Ballad
16:42 - Wangling
19:42 - Conquest Of Rar
22:53 - Demented
24:53 - I Remember Coney Island
28:19 - Fatty Walks
31:12 - Epistrophy
35:27 - You Haunt Me

A little out of my folk roots background, but fun ...especially with a drink or two.

All the best!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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@Lookout @Lookout

Like your lounge lizards a lot!
Especially 22:53 - Demented.
Makes sense Wink
at least wise to this bewildered mind.

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playlist is enormous

be well and have a good one

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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Gee maybe if they hadn’t let defense company CEOs get stinking rich whilst making inferior products we’d have better weapon systems like China and Russia do. Ours seem heinous enough because they are offensive weapons while I sure hope that theirs are just for defense. Most of their companies are state owned and so there is no need for CEOs to get richer nor do they answer to stockholders.

I do wonder why this story has come out now and if it’s just another psyops to get us behind government spending buko bucks to create more weapons..

The revelation comes as the Biden administration undertakes the Nuclear Posture Review, an analysis of policy and capabilities mandated by Congress that has pitted arms-control advocates against those who believe the US must do more to modernise its nuclear arsenal because of China.

Here I am being cynical again.

More to the story

The Pentagon did not comment on the report but expressed concern about China. “We have made clear our concerns about the military capabilities China continues to pursue, capabilities that only increase tensions in the region and beyond,” said John Kirby, spokesperson. “That is one reason why we hold China as our number one pacing challenge.”

The Chinese embassy declined to comment on the test, but Liu Pengyu, spokesperson, said China always pursued a military policy that was “defensive in nature” and its military development did not target any country.

“We don’t have a global strategy and plans of military operations like the US does. And we are not at all interested in having an arms race with other countries,” Liu said. “In contrast, the US has in recent years been fabricating excuses like ‘the China threat’ to justify its arms expansion and development of hypersonic weapons. This has directly intensified arms race in this category and severely undermined global strategic stability.”

I dunno maybe if our boats weren’t constantly playing in their waters trying to get a response from them and quit saying that they are our biggest threat they wouldn’t feel the need to shore up their defenses. Recently one of our ships tried to invade Russian territory but got chased out of the area. How many times will we continue to hit the bear?

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

played a CD by the Austin Lounge Lizards, and it was funny and great! I just subscribed to their newsletter, may get up to Austin to see a concert next week!

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Meanwhile, the temp dropped from nights of high 70s degrees to the low 60s.
I was ready for it, I have the warm and fuzzy clothes set out. So nice not to be hot!

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@on the cusp

just copy and paste from the previous and let it run
Does not really needs a moderator to keep it alive
pick up where ever it left off last week.
Might give it a try, see how it goes.
BTW, thanks for the recommendation on Physicians Mutual Ins.
They don't cover RI. Also, if you want a really good wood stove,
check out Jotul. Cat's pajamas.

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@QMS for years was dominated by Blue Cross Blue
Shield Texas that just got completely off the rails. United Health Care was cheaper, and everybody accepted it. Then, it got so damn expensive, I had to switch yet again. So far, my luck with Physician's Mutual has been very good.
Maybe in the future PM will expand into the RI market.
It is a sunny day here with temps in the low 70s. Tonight, it drops down to the 50s. I am a wuss. I will wear 3 layers to stay warm!

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in the land of the lounge lizards.
How many remember that adult rated DOS game?
Still available for those of adult persuasion.
It's a thinker. Not a stinker