Don't blame the Left; it has powerful enemies that are at war with it

Caitlin Johnston knocks it out of the park, yet again.

Amazing. He just comes out and says it.
The FBI was/is at war with the Left (just like the CIA was/is).

In later years we're going to learn about some of the covert operations which US intelligence agencies and their proxies were using to smash the rise of socialism in America today and a lot of people are going to feel silly for all their remarks blaming the state of the left on leftists. I see so much talk about the left's fragmentation and political ineffectiveness like it's the result of some kind of character flaw in leftists themselves, when it is clearly the result of generations of high-intensity mass-scale psyops which with 100 percent certainty continue to this day.

The left is not failing, it is being actively sabotaged. It is being sabotaged with psychological operations in our own society by the same power structure which sabotages the left in foreign nations around the world. COINTELPRO-like tactics most certainly continue today, especially online.

It seems like leftists are way too hard on each other about the difficulties they have in getting the revolution off the ground, and they shouldn't, because it's really not their fault. The whole movement's been hammered with mass-scale psyops for generations, and continues to be.
Q: What's the greatest threat to humanity?

The poor: Rich people.

Workers: Rich people.

Minorities: Rich people.

The chronically ill: Rich people.

Prisoners: Rich people.

Rich people: Brown people having too many babies.

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Caitlyn's husband is American, Australia seems to be the lap dog to the US as the US is to Israel.
I beg people to stop arguing politics with their neighbor.
Go places overseas. (Or read what they have to say.)
Get a new perspective on us from THEIR point of view.
Thanks for bringing to everyone's attention, gjohnsit.

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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began monitoring Martin Luther King, Jr., in December 1955, during his involvement with the Montgomery bus boycott, and engaged in covert operations against him throughout the 1960s. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was personally hostile toward King, believing that the civil rights leader was influenced by Communists. This animosity increased after April 1964, when King called the FBI “completely ineffectual in resolving the continued mayhem and brutality inflicted upon the Negro in the deep South” (King, 23 April 1964). Under the FBI’s domestic counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) King was subjected to various kinds of FBI surveillance that produced alleged evidence of extramarital affairs, though no evidence of Communist influence.

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is the "democrats" that embrace the lefts platform during elections only to abandon those positions when elected. They then collude with the right to sabotage any progress the left might make. That's only if they can't sandbag the lefts candidates during the primaries.

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Our "Left" would be considered the political middle to right of center in the real word. The CIA/FBI fights anything to the left of middle to prevent any movement towards the political Left. When Americans are polled on issues they are shockingly leaning to the Left. How does the Deep State keep the country from moving to the Left? Not easy, but they use power and wealth to guaranty that we, the voters, really have no choices. Sound familiar? How's that for touting Democracy?
What does the real Left look like?
- the right to health care
- the right to an education
- the right to a job
- the right to housing
- the right to a living wage
- no right to extreme wealth
- the right to access capital (a social resource)
- no war unless a 75% vote in Congress and an average of polls of 75% of the population support it
- separation of wealth and politics, public financing, limit of $200 per person for political contributions, for issues or candidates
- termination of the CIA.
- FBI restricted from politics.
- universal voter recall for all offices.
- real whistle blower protection
-rights protected by the constitution may not be violated by corporations.
- corporations larger than a certain size must have seats on the board reserved for ombudsman who represent the public interest

And lots more, but you get the idea.

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Capitalism has always been the rule of the people by the oligarchs. You only have two choices, eliminate them or restrict their power.

Pinkerton's. (Didn't do such a hot job at protecting Lincoln from assassination, unless it was another one of the LIHOP agendas. Took another assignation almost forty years later for the USG to put that job under the umbrella of the Lincoln's Secret Service.) The FBI came later -- first as the BOI (Bureau of Investigation) in 1908, roughly when corporations and territorial governments found it too controversial to hide behind Pinkerton guards) and renamed and became an independent agency of the Justice Department in 1935.

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sabotage Bernie Sanders in both 2016 and 2020, was that them acting alone or in conjunction with the FBI?

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin