What racists think the Supreme Court decision means and what it really means.

The Supreme Court got it wrong and right when it over turned Montana's Supreme Court's decision in Espinoza v Montana. Wrong because Montana's court was correct that the Constitution forbids the funding of private church schools. Right because they stated that if the state funds private schools it has to fund church schools. Therefore, since the state CANNOT fund church schools per the Constitution, the Supreme Court ruling should not be taken as a way of "working around" the Constitution to pass a systemically racist fiscal policy, it simply affirms that the systemically racist practice of funding private schools while leaving public schools woefully and chronically underfunded has to now end.
You can't fund them unless you fund churches and you cannot fund churches.

Every states mandate, however, is to fund their public school systems.

But note how the evidently quite racist NYPost makes it sound like they can expand their systemically racist school funding to include churches (which is pretty systemically racist as well, just ask any non christian, especially the native americans). We don't need to go back to those days. You can't fund religions, that's clearly against the Constitution. So as conservative Justice Roberts says in his decision: “A state need not subsidize private education,” Roberts wrote. “But once a state decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious.”

You can't fund religious institutions because of the separation of church and state. So you can't continue the systemically racist policy of funding private schools either.

Let's see which conservatives are racist and which are not. Let's see how racists on the right interpret this. The way it needs to be, or the way this NYPost article makes it sound.

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now days of "Are you fucking kidding me" from the cognitive dissonance produced by all these SCOTUS decisions that leave a virtual mine field of catch 22's from the legal linguistic gymnastics, that benefit corporations or fascist conservatives. FUCK!

I say impeach all of them, start the fuck over, the basic litmus test is this, people or profits 1st. If not people, next...candidate, and then only 8 yr terms.

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"Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance;" - Thomas Paine, Common Sense

racist, and I live in CO not far from Montana. Extremely classist yes, racist no. The only requirement for admission is money, they even often have scholarships to make themselves more "diverse". The Rocky Mountain West is not the south. We don't have private schools so to separate black from white as in Mississippi. The $30,000 dollar tuition here is to groom kids entry to an ivy, same as most I'd imagine.

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@ban nock it allows whites who were allowed to accumulate wealth access to them while diverting poc to under funded public schools.

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