Extinction Rebellion- Portland, Oregon

A estimated 20,000 people crowded into downtown today to support the young people of Extinction Rebellion who walked out of school to bring their concerns to those in government.
Many, many adults showed up in solidarity and were just as vocal and engaged.
An eclectic assortment of imaginative signs and costumes revealed an engaged and thoughtful crowd not afraid to speak their truths.
Kudos to the schoolkids who showed up and to a number of teachers who joined them.
A march across the Hawthorne Bridge and down the esplanade to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry ended at a festival like area of booths and food courts with free info on a wide range of ideas on how to become more involved in other activities that effect change in a positive way.
Further events are scheduled all week.
A great time was had by all.

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I don't know what happened here in Ogden except it rained hard all day and the temperature was down 30 degrees from yesterday.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

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Actually, the issue at stake is patriotism. You must return to your world and put an end to the Commies. All it takes are a few good men.

Exit polls not involving George W. Bush or Hillary Clinton tend to be quite accurate.
--Doug Hatlem

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but I'm proud of the kids here, for showing up to be counted.

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Turn those numbers into pressure on policy change.
Start local to fix global.

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Listen to your higher mind.

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Hope you are doing well.

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"The degree to which liberals are coming to inhabit an alternate reality, impenetrable by facts or reason, is actually frightening." -- Steve Maher

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Glad it was a great time for all!

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"Make dirt, not war." eyo