Jeffrey Epstein prosecutor was previously rebuked for handling of a child sex case

Both Villafaña and Acosta have been in trouble before for hiding incriminating evidence against someone they were prosecuting. So, when do they go to jail? The law ain’t hackeysack, it’s not a game. But these people treated it like it was. I wonder, what EXACTLY did they get out of it? Because I’m assuming they wouldn’t pull these hide-and-seek games for nothing. There was something in it for themselves.

And they both need disbarred Immediately.

Jeffrey Epstein prosecutor was previously rebuked for handling of a child sex case

Nine months before cutting a covert plea deal with sex trafficking suspect Jeffrey Epstein, Miami U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta was notified that the lead prosecutor in Epstein’s case had concealed information in another underage sex crimes case, the Miami Herald has learned.

The prosecutor, A. Marie Villafaña, was harshly rebuked by a federal judge in January 2007 for what he called her “intentional and/or serious lapse in judgment’’ when she failed to explicitly inform him that the defendant, a Texas man who traveled to Florida to have sex with a 14-year-old girl, had a prior history of predatory behavior with minors, court records show.

Acosta, her boss at the time, not only knew about Villafaña’s breach, but records show that he subsequently defended it. Acosta assigned another prosecutor in his office to write a treatise for the judge in an unsuccessful attempt to persuade him to soften the stinging language in his order.


Later that year, Acosta and Villafaña put together a plea bargain for Epstein, a multimillionaire money manager accused of sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls at his mansion in Palm Beach. The deal, a federal judge ruled last month, was intentionally kept from his victims by prosecutors, working in concert with defense lawyers, in violation of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.


Bradley Edwards, who represents several of Epstein’s victims, defended Villafaña, saying he believed that she was directed to settle the case and not inform Epstein’s victims about the deal.

“In my conversations with her, I came to believe that she was in a difficult position. She never came out and said this, but I suspected that someone above her directed her to do what she did,’’ Edwards said.

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How disgusting!


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Still, Hunt argued that a sentence of five years was overly harsh.

Villafaña disagreed, but conceded that McDaniel would benefit from psychological treatment. She advocated for a sentence of five to six years, which was at the low end of the guideline.

It was then that the judge heard from the victim’s mother.

In a statement, the mother decried the emotional and mental trauma her daughter suffered and the long road to recovery she had ahead of her. The mother mentioned she was further upset that McDaniel continued contact with her daughter after his arrest and she said she believed that McDaniel was still trying to manipulate her daughter by blaming her for his arrest.

The mother pointed out that prior to their sexual encounter, McDaniel had directed her daughter to watch sexually explicit movies and had described for her sex activities he had had with another underage girl.

At that point, the judge interrupted.

“... There has been some reference to another incident with a minor girl. What do you know about that, if anything?’’ Zloch asked Villafaña.

Only then did Zloch learn that McDaniel had preyed on other girls over the internet, including a 16-year-old California girl whom he brought to Texas and impregnated. He was also having another relationship with a 15-year-old girl at the time of his arrest, Villafaña admitted in court.

The judge promptly sentenced McDaniel to 10 years — twice what Villafaña recommended.

As we know Epstein was only sentenced to 18 months, only served 13 months and he got to leave prison every day to go to work.

Both of them were guilty of statutory rape, but only one had to pay the price for it. Epstein multiple times, McDaniel one time.

Here's the goose and gander thing again.

“The serial nature of defendant’s seduction of minor girls was revealed for the first time to the court upon the Government’s response to the Court’s inquiry,’’ Zloch wrote, explaining that the defendant’s past was evidence of predatory behavior that warranted a harsher sentence because he may pose a danger to the community.

For those who haven't read about the sordid case against Epstein here it is.

A Miami Herald investigation, “Perversion of Justice,’’ published in November, revealed how federal prosecutors, including Acosta and Villafaña, tried to keep the full scope of Epstein’s crimes out of the public eye. At one point, they discussed charging Epstein in Miami, instead of Palm Beach County, where the crimes happened, noting there would be less media coverage.

One of Epstein's victims.

Virginia Roberts was working at Mar-a-Lago when she was recruited to be a masseuse to Palm Beach hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein. She was lured into a life of depravity and sexual abuse.

Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Princ Andrew and many others were involved with Jeffrey Epstein and went to his many parties and flew on his jet to his private island. Bill would ditch his security detail and then he would fly away over 26 times.

The rest of the article Amanda posted is worth reading.

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In late 2018, a Miami Herald report on a controversial non-prosecution agreement with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a serial child molestor,[8] which had been approved by Acosta a decade earlier while he was serving as US Attorney for Southern District of Florida, became a focus of Congressional concern and led to calls for an independent investigation and for Acosta's resignation from the Trump Administration.

The deal took place in 2008? Thought it was more recent.

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