The Drugs that Work.

So, I find myself in the need to explain a few things about myself. I went kinda dark at The Other Place for a while because I was running into the problem where the only time I was getting positive feedback was when I did stories mocking those against Gun Control.

Ah, I was so much Older then, I'm Younger then than now. I knew so much about where I needed to be and where my PLACE should be.

Greetings peasants!

Okay gang, I have this one annoying thing I have to do for a deadline 3/15 then I can come play! Actually there's way more than just the one thing but that one thing is the main one with a deadline and it's seriously imperative! (our FAFSA App, ugh, what is our net worth?!?)

You're all on NOTICE! I want full Ladyship here (thank you Queen NPK, oh most gracious one)

Open Tuesday 03/08/16

He had a penis eight hundred miles long and two hundred and ten miles in diameter, but practically all of it was in the fourth dimension.

—Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

So late Saturday afternoon I rented a backhoe, and used it to lay to rest, between the blackberries and the pear trees, the vacated corporeal containers of H. G. Wells and George Orwell. Both men, as I related here, having perished, here in my abode, the previous Thursday. Unable to survive the experience of that televised Republican debate wherein, among other things, The Hairball publicly pronounced his penis larger than Hagrid's, and promised to wield it to execute Edward Snowden, deport all and every Mexican, pound China into submission, and extinguish the families of the Muslims, as well as anyone who might have the effrontery to Libel him.

Do I Stand With Girls?

I love the word, "Daughter". I like the sound of it. I like the sound of the phrase, "My daughter". I'm not sentimental about the bizarre english spelling -- it seems ridiculous in contrast with the much more sensible Swedish, "Dotter", but hey. The Swedes don't do the whole "grand" thing either. Your granddaughter via your own daughter is your dotterdotter. Your great-grandmother in straight matrilineal descent is your Mormor's mor. Bork Bork Bork.

I'm New Here - Where is my lawn to keep you kids off it_

And there is something else - but I don't remember - oh yeah, I don't like non-text emoji's. I'd show you kids what a real old-fashioned all-text emoji looks like - but they'll just turn it into a low-budget cartoon.

Actually, I think I may like it here. Not much orange. And do any of you remember those orange compressed 'peanuts?' Why would children be given orange semi-cardboard 'peanuts' at holiday time? Did somebody in the family dislike children that much...

I'm Here, I'm the Queen, and I Call It

So how lucky can you little bloggers be that I have arrived at your little blog?

And how can I proclaim myself Queen?

I call it.

I am bringing back the age-old most primal power play in the book.

I encountered it as a child and frankly haven't found anything more ubiquitous in our grand culture.

I shall give an example.

I was probably around 7 or so, and my brother was around 13. We were playing Monopoly and I was winning.

Hello from the Great Northwest

It is very good to see you all here. The tone and friendliness of the posts and comments tell me I have made the right choice.

It has even inspired me to consider buying a computer again so I can actually write a blog post of substance. I have been asked to diary a couple of things at GOS lately that you all might find interesting. Think I would rather do that here.

Until then I will continue to enjoy reading and learning new things from the rest of you.

Early for Bernie in MO

I am a new member here, and I about flipped last week when I realized that the trip I'd been planning with my sister and step-mom to Arizona to scatter my dad's ashes would begin at 5am on Tuesday, March 15 ... Primary day here I Missouri! I've been looking forward to voting for Bernie for months, giving to his campaign, and here I was going to miss it.

I believe that's a serious misinterpretation of how the Political system works

Is what Noam Chomsky says to Charlie Rose in this great 2003 interview.

I took a break from spotify and listened to this among other things while coding away at work today. His points are well worth noting in this election. Exactly of course what Bernie has been pointing out. And I imagine a large part of why we are here.

Have a listen and/or watch. The whole interview is great if you have time.

Where do I begin?

I don't even know where to start.

I guess I'll start with one foot firmly pressed on the third rail.

So, the moderator asks an epistemologically incoherent question: What are your blind spots WRT race? (Sorry, but they're his blind spots. HTF can he know what they are?)

Confronted with the impossible task of responding, the candidate gamely makes the attempt, specifically referring to ghettos and poverty.

Is facebook selling dead accounts to Campaigns?

I'm going to keep this short because it is just speculation on some odd things I have seen this week. Last week I was blocked on FB for a week I think it was just automated because I was sharing a lot of posts with a lot of groups. Before this election I was not a big user of FB I used it but not a lot so maybe I just do not know all that much about FB and how it works I hope someone can explain something strange.