If We Only Have Love

I just signed up here a night or two ago, and here I am making bold to share with you some little bit of myself. It's about me, of course, because I chose not to be known here by my screen name from TOP (DaNang65, fwiw) but to use my real name. Not exactly the one my parents carried me to baptism with, Robert, but the more familiar Bob.

I know, Bob, the butt of a thousand typical white guy jokes. So be it.

Broken criminal justice system: Ignoring the Mind

Many have voiced concern about our broken criminal justice system, even predating Martin Luther King, Jr. The concern has been logarithmically increased, especially in the past four years. Hurray for Black Lives Matter for bringing this issue to the forefront of political discourse--though they are certainly not the first such movement to call attention to the broken, two-tiered criminal justice "system".

A walk through the bog

Today was time for a bit of soul recharging. It was still cold and windy, but at least the sun came out. So it was time for a walk through the bog at Beaver Lake Nature Center.

First stop is always feeder set up at the visitor center. Three species of woodpecker, nuthatch, titmice, chickadees, cardinals, American Goldfinch, even a Pine Siskin. Unfortunately I left the Bigma (Sigma 150-500) at home and only had my 18-135.

A Path to a Different Sort of Victory

The pundits are all abuzz about whether or not Bernie Sanders has a "path to victory" in the Democratic primaries. Handicapping the horse race in all its minutiae from "the true math" to speculation over superdelegates and the size of campaign war chests fills the airwaves and plugs the tubes of the internets.

They are talking, largely, about a victory within the arcane electoral rules set up by the parties, but they are generally studiously ignoring the elephant in the room - the struggle of the 99% to achieve political and economic power.

Underneath all of the bloviating and rhetoric, power is what the so-called insurgent candidacies are really about.

Bill Clinton Deserves Everything He Has Coming to Him

In the latest round of Bill Clinton playing whack-a-black, I choose to disagree with the assessment of some Hillary supporters who feel Bill Clinton was unfairly treated after his reaction to a few Black Lives Matters (BLM for short) protestors, which included his impassioned defense of the policies he put in place to be "tough on crime" back in the nineties.

Aftermath of the "exodus"

It appears that I am like many (or most) of you in that I landed here after becoming disgusted by the never-ending trainwreck that has become Daily Kos. Also like many of you, I have logged out of Dk for good, and while I occasionally stop in to see what's happening, I very seldom click on anything. Most of you who still post there are kind enough to crosspost here, and I'd rather give my traffic to the founders of this site.